Morning Roundup: Feb. 28, 2019

By The Fix staff 02/28/19
Alaskans celebrate Sobriety Awareness Month. What can I do about my functioning alcoholic boss? Reflecting on Bukowski's glamorous displays of alcoholism.
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Is your relationship making you unhappy? Wavebreakmedia Ltd |

What Charles Bukowski's Glamorous Displays of Alcoholism Left Out [NY Times]
This review sheds light on the fact that "Bukowski unquestionably lived a life much darker and hungrier and more desperate than" he let on—despite cultivating a glamorous and consequence-free lifestyle as rambunctious drinker through his work.

Kyle Keding Is In Prison for Giving Heroin to a Man Who Died. Now, He Looks to the Future. [Wisconsin Rapids Tribune]
A man serving time for the fatal overdose of another is in recovery and focusing on the future. Keding was charged with supplying the heroin that killed a 28-year-old father of four.

Alaskans Say Goodbye to the Stigma of Sobriety [Anchorage Press]
In Alaska, March is Sobriety Awareness Month. This means "buzz-free" drinks, Dry Weekend Challenges, and sober pop-up events all month long.

Four Kinds of Relationships That Breed Depression and Anxiety [Psych Central]
If you're in a bad relationship and can't understand why, this article may help. If you recognize any of these traits, here is some advice to break the cycle.

'Mom, When They Look at Me, They See Dollar Signs' [Mother Jones]
One woman's story of leaving home for a South Florida rehab. She had a plan to complete treatment, then go to school. Instead, she got caught up in the "Florida shuffle."

5 Ways Mindfulness Helps Treat Addiction [Psych Central]
Greater self-awareness, decreased stress, and a greater ability to tolerate discomfort are some of the benefits of practicing mindfulness. Some might say that "addiction is the polar opposite of mindfulness."

Man's Art Used to Remember His Life, Helps Others With Addiction [CBS Denver]
A man who died this month after struggling with drug use for years is remembered through his artwork, and a foundation in his name.  

My Boss Is a Functioning Alcoholic. What Can I Do? [Anchorage Daily News]
A charismatic CEO, while good at his job, has a drinking problem that's no secret to his employees. His erratic behavior is concerning, but one employee doesn't know what to do.

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