Morning Roundup: Feb. 25, 2019

By The Fix staff 02/25/19

Amy Klobuchar says drug companies should pay for treatment, addiction treatment rating system to be piloted in MA, 'addiction spectrum' challenges us to think differently about substance use disorder. 

ice climbing in recovery
Moving meditation. Mcech |

Ice Climbing Helped Her Out of Addiction. Now She's Pulling Others Up. [CNN]
Margo Talbot bottomed out in jail only to realize that her relationship with nature was stronger than her relationship with drugs. Now, through her ice climbing expertise, she's able to help people who have also hit "their own rock bottom."

The 'Addiction Spectrum' Challenges You to Think About Substance Abuse Differently [Well+Good]
A new book challenges the idea that addiction is black and white. Instead, the author suggests, it is more of a sliding, individualized scale that examines the whole person. 

Klobuchar: Drug Companies Should Pay for Opioid Treatment [CNN]
Presidential candidate and U.S. Senator, Amy Klobuchar, said drug companies should be responsible for funding treatment for addiction at a recent CNN Town Hall.

Massachusetts To Participate in Pilot Program Rating Addiction Treatment [MassLive]
The state will pilot a rating system designed to measure quality in addiction treatment programs. The organization Shatterproof is involved in developing the pilot program.

The Story of a Blackout Benzo Addict [Vice]
"Dan" tells his cautionary tale—from being given a small blue pill during a panic attack, to his first recovery meeting. "I realized how many years had passed... how many memories I'd lost, how many opportunities I'd squandered..."

Most U.S. Teens See Anxiety and Depression as a Major Problem Among Their Peers [Pew Research Center]
Seven in 10 American teenagers see anxiety and depression as major problems. The research points to the mounting pressures of academics and social pressures. 

Many Middle-Aged Women Unaware of Link Between Breast Cancer and Alcohol [Healthline]
More women are aware of the short-term effects of alcohol than the long-term effects, according to a new study. Most were not aware that alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer. 

Man Who Died of Lung Cancer Warned Others Not to Smoke in Obituary [Today]
A 66-year-old man from New York wrote his own obituary to warn others to stay away from smoking. "I was a smoker and even though I knew it may eventually kill me, I chose to deny the truth to myself." 

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