Morning Roundup: Feb. 19, 2019

By The Fix staff 02/19/19

Dreams about relapse are common for people in recovery, student loan program offers up to $75K for helping recovery efforts, biographer details John Lennon's heroin use.

john lennon heroin use
Opioids plagued the Beatles, too.

Will the Hospitality Industry Be Left High and Dry by Alcohol Moderation Trend? [The Star]
The desire for sober social venues is catching on in Canada and the U.S. This health-focused trend has inspired alcohol-free offerings to pop up on menus everywhere. 

Dreams About Substance Use Relapse Are Common for People in Recovery [Bustle]
Relapsing in your dreams? A new study shows that intense, disruptive dreams about substance use relapse are common among people in recovery.

Prisons 'Playing Catch-Up to Psychoactive Drug Use' Says Minister [Guardian]
The UK is also contending with a drug problem in prisons. The government ramped up anti-drug efforts to push back on the wave of synthetic drug use.

Fight Substance Abuse, Get Your Student Loans Paid [Forbes]
A new program offers a way to pay off student loans by helping community substance abuse recovery efforts. The program can provide up to $75,000 to eligible borrowers. 

Dayton Mayor Offers Solution After City Cuts Opioid Overdose Deaths in Half [10TV]
The city of Dayton was able to recover from having one of the highest OD rates in the U.S. Mayor Nan Whaley says it was a community effort.

Trump Said China Doesn't Have a Drug Problem. The Data Tells a Different Story. [TIME]
Trump recently lauded China for suppressing drug use via capital punishment. TIME fact-checks the president's claim.

In 1969 the Fifth Beatle Was Heroin: John Lennon's Addiction Took Its Toll on the Band [Salon]
Biographer Kenneth Womack details John Lennon's heroin use and the effect it had on the Beatles. "Because we never injected, I don't think we were... well, we were hooked, but I don't think it was a great amount."

The CBD Boom: Brazen Claims, Fake Products, Regulatory Scrutiny [Bloomberg]
CBD is gaining popularity as a remedy for everything from menstrual cramps to trouble sleeping. These writers examine the growing industry surrounding the cannabis compound, and some of the issues that are cropping up with it. 

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