Morning Roundup: Feb. 15, 2019

By The Fix staff 02/15/19

Keith Richards says heroin easier to kick than cigarettes, 80 die from toxic moonshine as authorities investigate, mural depicts love amidst opioid epidemic.

keith richards kicking heroin easier than cigarettes
Breaking the habit. Eautographhunter |

Keith Richards Says Heroin Is Easier to Kick Than Cigarettes [Independent]
The Rolling Stone is off hard drugs, and is drinking less booze, but the hardest habit to kick? Smoking cigarettes.

Crackdown on Illegal Bootleggers After 80 Die from Toxic Hooch in India [CNN]
Indian authorities continue to investigate the source of the toxic moonshine that killed 80 people. Eight suspects have been arrested so far.

Will El Chapo's Conviction Change Anything in the Drug Trade? [Guardian]
The Sinaloa cartel boss is heading to prison after being found guilty on all counts. But will this make any difference in the war against drugs?

Atlanta Coworking Space by Day, Addiction Recovery at Night [Chabad Lubavitch]
After losing their son to drugs last year, a Jewish couple is using their cafe to welcome the recovery community. "Addiction is isolation and recovery is connectedness."

European Parliament Passes Cannabis Resolution, Joins WHO in Supporting MMJ [Forbes]
European legislators support increasing access to medical marijuana, as they outlined in a new resolution. The resolution urges EU countries to encourage scientific research on MMJ by addressing regulatory barriers.  

How the Navy Plans to Deal with Drug Use, War Crimes Allegations in the SEAL Community [Navy Times]
A Navy leader has issued a review of how the Navy can address ethical concerns. Lately SEALs have come under scrutiny for drug abuse and committing war crimes. 

Women Are Drinking More, But Get Less Help for Alcohol Abuse [Healthline]
Despite the benefits of receiving treatment for alcoholism, a study has found that only 10% of patients with cirrhosis received treatment for it. Among them, women were less likely than men to get help. 

Mural Depicts Love Amidst Opioid Epidemic [WNEP]
A new mural that went up in a local mall depicts the harsh reality of the opioid epidemic's impact on families. The artist said he is trying to raise awareness of the drug problem in his area.

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