Morning Roundup: Feb. 14, 2019

By The Fix staff 02/14/19

Woman in cot testifies to Congress on opioids and pain management, couple reflects on being "terrible guests" after quitting booze, local students find mental health support among peers.

valentine's day love addiction
I love you...but in a non-pathological way. Nakorn Vipattanaporn |

What Is Love Addiction? [Psychology Today]
Love is in the air... What better time to talk about "love addiction"? 

Woman in Cot Testifies to Congress on Opioids, Chronic Pain Management [NBC News]
A woman suffering chronic pain testified before Congress, calling for a smarter approach to pain management. "The opioid crisis has only underscored our failure to provide adequate, safe, accessible treatment options for pain relief."

A Tale of Punk Rock, Addiction and Recovery on Stage in Seattle [Crosscut]
An interview with Tom Hansen, whose memoir American Junkie has been adapted for the stage in Seattle. Hansen existed in the heavy-using "grunge" era, selling heroin to strippers and musicians including Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. 

A Neuroscientist Explore the Biology of Addiction in 'Never Enough' [NPR]
Judith Grisel is a neuroscientist in recovery. Her new book Never Enough explores the impact of substance use on the brain. She tells NPR why alcohol is a "mess" and why she does not believe methadone is a solution.

Mental Health: These Students Helped Themselves And Their Peers [Guardian]
Frustrated with having to wait for mental health support, a group of young people in England has found a way to help each other. With the proper skills—peer mentoring and lobbying lawmakers—the empowered group is filling an urgent need. 

FDA Issues Warning Letter to Drug Distributor for Allegedly Shipping 'Illegitimate' Opioid Products [CNBC]
Not only has McKesson failed to properly investigate drug shipments, the FDA says the drug distributor sent drug shipments to pharmacies that had been tampered with. 

Meth Users, Families Go Online for Support, Sobriety [US News]
People share how online support groups have been instrumental in their recovery. These internet "safe spaces" also help people affected by a loved one's substance use connect with and support one another.

Giving Up Alcohol Made Our Lives Better—And Turned Us Into Terrible Guests [Washington Post]
A couple that gave up alcohol (for the most part) found out firsthand the benefits of social drinking. "The negative effects... occur long after the party is over and everyone's gone home." 

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