Morning Roundup: Dec. 7, 2018

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Morning Roundup: Dec. 7, 2018

By The Fix staff 12/07/18

Rapper Gucci Mane says drugs would've killed him if he didn't go to prison, magic mushrooms inch closer to decriminalization in Denver and Oregon, traffic stop nets $1 million heroin haul.

Gucci Mane
Photo via YouTube

Woman Who Gouged Out Her Eyes While On Drugs Speaks Out A Year Later [People]

The 21-year-old gouged out her own eyes during a meth-induced psychotic episode in 2017. She opened up about her recovery, how the event changed her life and her plans for the future.

Gucci Mane Believes Drugs Would've Killed Him [HipHopDX]

During a recent interview with Beats 1 Radio, the rapper discussed his past addictions and how sobriety has changed his life for the better. “Drugs could’ve killed me, so you don’t know the future, but at the same time, jail was so hard, so I don’t know. That’s interesting.”

Smoking Relapse Less Likely Among Vapers [Health24]

A new study suggests that using e-cigarettes could help people quit smoking and may even be able to prevent long-term relapse. "In the past, a brief smoking lapse would almost always lead to a full relapse, and people would usually feel like a failure for slipping up. But this was before people started switching to vaping", said lead researcher Caitlin Notley.

New Film "Bricked" Puts Spotlight On Mental Illness [Fox5 Atlanta]

The movie follows a recent high school graduate as he navigates living with bipolar disorder. The film stars Tracy Campbell and Living Single's TC Carson.

Weed Is Officially Legal In Michigan [Rolling Stone]

On Thursday, Michigan became the 10th state in the country to legalize recreation marijuana. Adults over the age of 21 can legally possess 10 ounces of pot but it's still not legal for them to sell it.

Overzealous Use Of The CDC's Prescribing Guidelines Is Harming Pain Patients [STAT News]

Pain patients in desperate need of opioid medication to manage their chronic conditions are being turned away by doctors. Fearful of being pegged as overprescribes, some doctors are overcorrecting and pain patients are paying the price.

Magic Mushrooms Inch Closer To Decriminalization [Vice News]

Psilocybin advocates in Oregon have been approved to move ahead with a 2020 state ballot initiative that would reduce criminal penalties on psilocybin and allow for its use during “guided sessions” at state-licensed facilities.

Traffic Stop Leads To $1 Million Heroin Seizure [WITN]

A routine traffic stop led to the seizure of four and a half pounds of heroin in Georgia. Two local men were charged with multiple counts of level III trafficking and conspiracy to traffic in heroin. 

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