Morning Roundup: Dec. 21, 2018

By The Fix staff 12/21/18

Patriots receiver Josh Gordon takes a break from football to deal with mental health, meth seizures up 2000% inNorth Dakota, federal judge strikes down opioid tax in New York.

Patriots receiver Josh Gordon announced that he is stepping away from football to deal with his mental health.
Patriots receiver Josh Gordon announced that he is stepping away from football to deal with his mental health.

Justin Credible Discusses How WWE Used Jeff Hardy's Sobriety Struggles For Wrestling Angle [Wrestling Inc]

On a recent podcast, the popular wrestler opened up about addiction issues being used in pro wrestling storylines. The wrestler thinks adding in real world issues to the wrestlers' storylines like the WWE did with Hardy makes it more "powerful and more meaningful."

Dealer Gets 35 Years After Being Nabbed With Heroin Stamped With Trump's Face [Orlando Sentinel]

The central Florida dealer was involved in one of the largest drug busts in US history. He was charged with drug possession, trafficking, possession of drug paraphernalia and racketeering.

Powerful Photos Show What Depression Is Really Like [Huffington Post]

A Vermont-based photographer created a platform for amateur and professional photographers to share their own visuals of the mental health disorder.  The "Too Tired Project" has received thousands of submissions and can be viewed on Instagram @tootiredproject

Judge Strikes Down Opioid Tax [Wall Street Journal]

A federal judge in New York deemed a state law that would bring $600 million tax against drugmakers unconstitutional. The money collected from the enforcement of the law would have went to help battle the opioid crisis.

Philadelphia Asks Doctors To Prescribe Non-Opioids First [The Courier Express]

Using a new set of voluntary guidelines, the state is trying to get surgeons to break the habit of prescribing opioids after surgery. The state's health commissioner says, “If all the surgeons in Philadelphia use these guidelines, this will reduce the use of opioids after surgery by more than 80%.”

Patriots' Josh Gordon Stepping Away To Deal With Mental Health [Denver Post]

On Thursday morning, the NFL receiver announced via Twitter that he would be stepping away from football for mental health-related reasons. He thanked the Patriots' organization and his fans for their continued support.

Seizures Of Meth Up Nearly 2000% In 2018 [KXNET]

According to DEA officials, the amount of meth seized in North Dakota is up 2000% since 2017. In 2018, police officials seized 62 pounds of meth in the state.

Ohio Gives Green Light To First Marijuana Testing Lab [The Columbus Dispatch]

North Coast Testing Laboratories, of Streetsboro in Portage County has been given approval to begin testing medical marijuana. Ohio aims to be able to sell medical marijuana by New Year's Day.

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