Morning Roundup: Dec 17, 2018

By The Fix staff 12/17/18

Putin Says it's the drugs in rap that bothers him, Lil Xan is out of rehab and sober, study finds vaping is healthier than smoking.

Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister at the International Aviation and Space salon MAKS
It's not that he's uncool... it's that he just doesn't like the drugs in the lyrics. Igor Dolgov |

Putin on Rap Music: It’s the Drugs, Not the Swearing, That Really Bothers Him [ The New York Times ]
The Russian leader clarified his earlier statements regarding rap to specify it's the drug use referenced in the music that bothers him, not because he is out of touch in any way.

Lil Xan Says He's Out of Rehab and Sober [ Complex ]
The rapper is now totally drug free, with exception to his stage name.

HQ Trivia CEO Colin Kroll Dead At 35 Apparent Drug OD [ TMZ ]
The developer behind the popular quiz show app HQ Trivia is said to have died from a drug overdose.

Marijuana Needs A Social Element To Compete With Alcohol On New Year's Eve [ Forbes ]
If the marijuana market wants to sell, it needs to become the life of the party as booze has.

Demi Lovato spotted out with rumored beau and sober buddy Henry Levy during midnight jaunt in Beverly Hills [ Daily Mail ]
The singer could be kindling a flame with her sober buddy, if some paparazzi photos are what they seem.

Vapers inhale lower levels of toxins than smokers [ Reuters ]
The claims from enthusiasts and manufacturers that vaping is healthier than smoking has been confirmed to be true according to new research.

A Massive New Harvard Study of 21,000 People Says Drinking 1 Glass of Wine Each Day Leads to This Surprising Benefit [ Inc ]
The pendulum swings back and forth in research on the effects of daily drinking, this time landing on the claim that a glass of wine a day can carry benefits.

Drunk Fan Mistakes Samuel L. Jackson For John Travolta, Asks Him To "Do The Dance" [ How New Hip Hop ]
A very drunk and equally colorblind fan somehow mistook Samuel L. Jackson for his fellow Pulp Fiction co star John Travolta.

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