Morning Roundup: Dec. 10, 2018

By The Fix staff 12/10/18

Fortnite rehab is a real thing, James Bond scientifically proven to be a drunk, Bloomberg funds battle against opioid crisis.

Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite
Some kids can't hit pause on the Fortnite gaming. Rokas Tenys |

'This game is like heroin:' Fortnite addiction sending kids to gaming rehab [ USA Today ]
Kids are losing sleep and grades over the hit game, leading some to say the shooter is as addictive as heroin. Whether or not that's true, some parents are turning to professionals for help.

James Bond has a serious alcohol problem, study says [ Newshub ]
Super spy James Bond lives a life of intrigue, romance, and fancy cocktails... maybe too many fancy cocktails, according to some experts.

CBD oil a curveball for drug testing [ The Journal Gazette ]
Some people need CBD oil out of medical necessity. Employers are having to rethink their drug testing policies as a former illegal drug becomes medicine.

Pro eating legend Joey Chestnut chugs beer, throws Bills fan through a table [ For The Win ]
The man famous for being able to eat way too many hot dogs drank way too much and threw way too many people through a table.

Michael Bloomberg: Here Is $50 Million To Address The Opioid Crisis [ Forbes ]
Mayor Bloomberg is pitching in to fight the opioid crisis because, in his own words, "the opioid epidemic is now a full-blown national crisis, yet the federal government continues to dawdle."

Artie Lange, back from rehab, had his set cut from Comedy Central show. So did another N.J. comedian [ ]
The comedian in recovery was cut from a Comedy Central show for, according to himself, being too offensive. Maybe next time.

Elon Musk Admits He Doesn’t Know How to Smoke Weed [The Cut ]
Despite toking it up on the Joe Rogan podcast and setting Tesla's stock price at $420, the tech entrepreneur says he doesn't really know much about smoking weed. 

Did Smirnoff Troll President Trump in a Vodka Advertisement? [ Snopes ]
Smirnoff went viral by putting on its ads that its willing to speak under oath about its ties to Russia, unlike the 45th president of the USA. Are the ads real? Absolutly.

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