Morning Roundup: Aug. 7, 2019

By The Fix staff 08/07/19

What my daughter’s addiction taught me about parenting. Couple's before-and-after meth recovery transformation goes viral. Marijuana abuse diagnosis in Florida hospital?

mother and daughter
"If I've learned anything over the past seven years of this journey with her through addiction, it's that I have no control." ID 152762902 © Fizkes |

What My Daughter's Addiction Taught Me About Parenting [Washington Post]
A mother's journey as a witness to her daughter's drug use, and her recovery. "If I've learned anything over the past seven years of this journey with her through addiction, it's that I have no control."

Tennessee Couple's Before and After Photos of Meth Addiction, Recovery Goes Viral [Knox News]
The before-and-after transformation of a couple in recovery from methamphetamine has inspired many. "I asked her if she'd quit with me and she said, 'Yes, I go wherever you go.'"

I Was a Drug Addict for Nearly 20 Years. There Was Nothing Dignified or Cool About It. [Guardian]
"For over a decade I spent half my waking hours acquiring and using drugs and the other half trying to hide that fact." A reflection by Chris Fleming, author of On Drugs.

Victims of the Opioid Crisis: Counties with the Worst Drug Problems in Every State [USA Today]
A review of the counties across the United States hit hardest by the drug crisis, state by state. The poverty rate of each county is also listed.

'Everything Is Better Without Alcohol, and I Really Do Mean Everything': Readers on Drinking [Guardian]
Some of the comments responding to a recent article about giving up alcohol. The Guardian outlines the "extraordinary response."

Miami-Area Hospital Diagnoses Medical Marijuana Patient with Drug Abuse [Miami New Times]
Despite changing marijuana laws, individual medical providers are slow to catch on, as this case illustrates. "Doctors and hospitals need to understand that marijuana is a medicine." 

DEA Warns Public About Lookalike Adderall Pills That Contain Meth [WDRB]
Authorities say they intercepted a shipment of methamphetamine disguised as the ADHD medication, Adderall. A side by side comparison of the real and counterfeit pills show just how similar they appear.

Ask Amy: Overwhelmed Parent Wants to Mend Broken Family [Washington Post]
A concerned adoptive mother worries about her two daughters, who have struggled their whole lives since they came to her at age 4 and 5. What can she do to mend her relationship with her now adult children?

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