Morning Roundup: Aug. 22, 2019

By The Fix staff 08/22/19

MLB stars caught up in large drug bust abroad. Remembering Ron Clark's work in the D.C. recovery community. Legal heroin patients threatened by funding cuts.

baseball player
Caught up in drug trafficking. ID 26661588 © Lawrence Weslowski Jr |

Study: Americans Spent $146 Billion on Illegal Drugs in 2016 [US News]
Within a ten year period, Americans spent up to $146 billion per year on cocaine, heroin, marijuana and meth. "Statistically, if the opioid crisis didn't exist, we'd be very concerned about methamphetamine."

Ron Clark Helped Many Break the Bonds of Addiction. He Understood Drugs Were Only Part of the Problem. [Washington Post]
Ron Clark is remembered as a pioneer and a hero for his influential work in the D.C. recovery community. Clark passed away in May at the age of 83.

Former MLB Stars Caught Up in Largest Drug Bust in Dominican Republic's History [ABC News]
An MLB All-Star and veteran pitcher were among 21 people implicated in the Dominican Republic in a record-breaking drug bust. The organization allegedly transported drugs from South America to the United States through the Caribbean nation.

235 People Arrested During 'Operation Crystal Mountain' Drug Enforcement Operation [WSAZ]
Operation Crystal Mountain, the months-long investigation which covered Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia, has arrested 235 people on federal drug-related charges since January. Authorities say the bust is a "reminder that methamphetamine is a problem that has never gone away."

Colton Haynes Shares Heartbreaking Photos Taken During His Addiction to Pills [Queerty]
Actor Colton Haynes said he no longer worries about not looking "the same way I did when I was addicted to pills." He posted a photo of himself in the hospital during "dark times" and reflected on how far he has come since.

Central Florida Leaders Look to Expand Reach of 'Project Opioid' [WMFE]
Faith and business communities, law enforcement and government officials gathered to discuss how to mitigate the opioid crisis. Red Lobster's CEO and First Lady Casey DeSantis were in attendance.

'Saved from a Horrible Fate': Legal Heroin Prescribed to UK Drug Users [Independent]
Nearly 300 people in the UK received a prescription for medical-grade heroin from 2017-2018. But the last-resort treatment is "under threat" by funding cuts. Experts say this could "lead to more people dying." 

Boston Official Calls for New Focus on Addiction, Homelessness After 'Operation Clean Sweep' [WGBH]
Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell addressed the city's drug problems in the aftermath of Operation Clean Sweep, a controversial operation that locked up people along the city's "Methadone Mile."

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