Morning Roundup: Aug. 20, 2019

By The Fix staff 08/20/19

Patrick Kennedy on Saoirse's courage to speak up about mental health. 100+ possible cases of vaping-related lung illness under investigation. MDMA treatment of alcoholism yields "encouraging" results.

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Vaping-Related Lung Illnesses Under Investigation in 14 States [Washington Post]
State and federal health officials are investigating almost 100 cases of mysterious lung illnesses linked to v aping and e-cigarette use in 14 states, many of them involving young people. 

Patrick Kennedy: My Brave Cousin Saoirse Was Open About Mental Illness. Everyone Should Be. [USA Today]
While mourning the loss of Saoirse Kennedy Hill, Patrick Kennedy emphasized the importance of speaking up about personal battles, as she did. "She was open about her struggles with mental illness even as a teenager."

Perspective: How Getting Sober Finally Made Me Cool [Vice]
"I worried that my decision to stop drinking menat trading in my identity as a Fun Person to become a bummer. Instead, my world got bigger."

MDMA Treatment for Alcoholism Reduces Relapse, Study Suggests [Guardian]
MDMA therapy for alcoholism, combined with psychotherapy, has shown "encouraging" results thus far. "MDMA psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to tackle rigidly held personal narratives that are based on early trauma."

Advocates Propose Changes to Ohio's Addiction Recovery System [WOSU]
This Wednesday, Ohio's recovery and advocacy community will meet to discuss ways to improve the treatment system in the state. "Unfortunately people in recovery or those seeking recovery from a substance use disorder, a lot of times just due to the nature of addiction, kind of get taken advantage of."

'I Began Feeling Like I Mattered': How On-Campus Mental Health Counseling Can Make a Big Difference [Washington Post]
A case for providing young people easy access to mental health services. "Within a matter of months, kids who had been exposed to abuse, sexual assault and other scarring experiences saw striking improvements in their grades, behavior and overall happiness.

Facebook Suspending Medical Marijuana Forums for Promoting Drug Use [Columbus Dispatch]
A Facebook page that served as a resource for Ohio medical marijuana patients has been shut down. The popular page was reportedly shuttered for "encouraging drug use."

NHS to Open First Gambling Clinic for Children [Guardian]
The UK government is ramping up anti-gambling addiction efforts by opening the first NHS gambling clinic for children. According to the Gambling Commission, about 55,000 children have a gambling problem in Britain.

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