Morning Roundup: Apr. 3, 2019

By The Fix staff 04/03/19

Millennials are sick of drinking, Philly jail accepts new patients to Suboxone program, lawsuits expose inner workings of OxyContin maker.

young people are not drinking like they used to
Instead of a night out, how about a game of Jenga instead? Standret |

Lawsuits Lay Bare Sackler Family's Role in Opioid Crisis [NY Times]
Amid numerous lawsuits against OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, we're learning more about the company—including the fact that it explored the business potential of opioid addiction treatment.

How to Help Protect Injured Workers From Potential Addiction [Inc]
Workplace injury is a significant risk factor for opioid addiction. Employers/employees can prevent drug abuse and/or overdose by knowing the warning signs, and being aware of the risks.

Millennials Are Sick of Drinking—But They're Not Giving Up on Booze Yet [Atlantic]
Young people in their twenties and thirties are redefining drinking culture. While they're not quite set on quitting booze forever, they're not drinking like the college students they once were. 

Treatment Instead of Jail Time: An Exclusive Look Inside Boston's 'Mental Health Court' [Boston 25 News]
Boston's "Recovery with Justice" program offers help to suspects with mental health/developmental disorders in lieu of jail time. "We are keeping good people out of jail and within the community... We are supposed to be here to help people."

China to Close Loophole on Fentanyl After US Calls for Opioid Action [NPR]
China has designated all fentanyl-related drugs as controlled substances. The goal is to close a loophole that allowed Chinese drug manufacturers to produce drugs that are similar to fentanyl, but have been tweaked to evade the law. 

Perspective: Don't Call Jessica Lareau an Alcoholic. To Her, Words Matter. [BU Today]
Jessica Lareau is taking on stigmatizing language that she says reinforces harmful stereotypes of people who use drugs or alcohol. She has launched the Support Recovery Initiative to get faculty, staff and students at her alma mater to replace this language with a person-first approach.

Philadelphia Department of Prisons Will Begin Offering Buprenorphine to Male Inmates Again [WHYY]
The Suboxone program at the Philadelphia jail—after having to stop taking new patients because the jail had reached the federal government's patient limit—is now accepting new admissions once again. 

Partying Sober When You Love a Drink Is Hard—Just Ask Maggie, Who Takes Alcohol Breaks Regularly [ABC]
"I drink because I love alcohol. There's no other way to put it." Maggie Collins had to admit that she had a drinking problem. "I feel like it's an old friend I've had for years, where we've gone through the best of times and the worst of times."

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