Morning Roundup: Apr. 29, 2019

By The Fix staff 04/29/19

Parrot warned drug suspects of incoming police raid, restaurant industry addiction support group expands to Texas cities, Ohio high schoolers subject to random drug testing under controversial new policy.

parrot lookout for drug dealers
"Mama, police!" Isaac Mcevoy |

Apollo 11 Astronauts Packed a Lot of Drugs for Trip Around Dark Side of the Moon [Orlando Sentinel]
The crew on the Apollo 11 carried a trove of meds on their historic moon-landing mission. Ahead of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the Orlando Sentinel gives a look at the medical kit that went with them to space.

A San Antonio Restaurant-Industry Addiction Support Group to Open Austin Chapter [My San Antonio]
Heard, a non-profit dedicated to supporting food service workers struggling with substance abuse, is expanding to other major cities in Texas. Its first stop: Austin.

Yaba: The Cheap Synthetic Drug Convulsing a Nation [BBC]
Yaba is a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine in pill form. "The entire country is flooded with yaba, even students in schools and colleges are dependent on it," said a Bangladesh government official. 

Plans for Random Drug Testing of Sylvania Students Create Online Debate [Toledo Blade]
A new policy subjecting many high school students to random drug testing is the topic of heated debate in one Ohio school district. Any student participating in sports, clubs, or who drive to school or attend school dances must submit to the policy.

Cricket Player Alex Hales Banned for 21 Days for Recreational Drug Use [Guardian]
English World Cup contender Alex Hales is sitting out of cricket for a second drug policy violation, which triggered the 3-week suspension from the sport. All pro-cricket players in England and Wales are subject to hair follicle tests.

Self-Described Pothead in Recovery Looks Into the Science and Public Policy Around Marijuana and Addiction [WHYY]
A "pothead in recovery" investigates the other side of weed—speaking with health and policy experts to explain why it was hard for him to stop. In the end, connecting with fellow stoners that he could relate to helped the most.

Trump on Take Your Kids to Work Day: 'Never Take Drugs, Don't Drink Alcohol, Don't Smoke' [The Hill]
On Take Your Kids to Work Day, Donald Trump gave some children advice that he said would help them get to the White House someday. "Never take drugs, don't drink alcohol, don't smoke. Enjoy your life." 

A Parrot Tipped Off Drug Dealers to a Raid. Now He's in Custody. [Washington Post]
A parrot that authorities believe was trained to be a lookout for a crack-dealing operation was taken into custody in Brazil. The bird nearly spoiled a raid by yelling "Mama, police!" when authorities neared the suspects' home. 

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