Morning Roundup: Apr. 26, 2019

By The Fix staff 04/26/19

Opioid-prescribing guidelines were wrongly implemented say authors, Alabama taking steps to legalize medical marijuana, county jails doubling as addiction treatment providers.

a barista's road to recovery
One Vermonter's inspiring recovery journey. Chayathonwong2000 |

Perspective: How Harm Reduction is Saving Lives [Psychology Today]
How does harm reduction work? What does it entail? What role does it play in the drug epidemic? Here at The Fix we write a lot about harm reduction. If you're new to it, check out this article.

County Jails Struggle with a New Role as America's Prime Centers for Opioid Detox [NPR]
Many jails are having to play the role of treatment provider. "We have to physically, medically detox about 40% of our population as they come in off the street, and probably 80-90% of our population inside has some type of drug or alcohol dependence."

Alabama Takes Step Forward to Legalize Medical Marijuana [NBC 15]
Alabama's Care Act will go before the full state senate for a vote. The bill would allow marijuana use for the treatment of addiction, chronic pain, autism and more.

Faced with Outcry Over Opioid Limits, Authors of CDC Guidelines Say They've Been Misapplied [STAT News]
Health care providers' efforts to pull back on opioid prescribing for chronic pain have "gone beyond" the CDC's federal opioid-prescribing guidelines, the authors say. The crackdown on opioid prescriptions has "been inconsistent with, and often go beyond, its recommendations."

Anne Hathaway on Giving Up Alcohol: 'It's Irritating How Well It's Going' [Harper's Bazaar]
We're all fascinated by The Hustle actress' decision to quit drinking until her three-year-old is an adult. Once he's off to college, though, it will be a different story, she revealed in a new interview.  

Life in Recovery: From Getting Thrown Out of Dunkin' Donuts to Becoming a Lead Barista [Burlington Free Press]
Melissa is just one Vermonter who struggled with addiction. Here is her story.

Insurer Sent $33,000 to a Man Struggling with Addiction. He Used the Cash to Go on a Binge—And Died. [CNN]
A giant insurance check was the death of a young man who used the money to go on one last, expensive binge. "They were sending the checks directly to him and not paying the hospitals, which to me is absolutely absurd." 

Majority of Americans Say Drug Companies Should Be Held Responsible for Opioid Crisis [NPR]
A new poll reveals that one in three Americans have been affected by the opioid epidemic. More than half of respondents say drug companies should pay for their role in worsening the addiction crisis.

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