Morning Roundup: Apr. 25, 2019

By The Fix staff 04/25/19
Unused medications being collected this Saturday on Drug Take Back Day, two politicians engage in literal "pissing contest," drug company and executives charged with drug trafficking.
prescription drug take back day
Drop off your unused medications this Saturday at your nearest collection site. Stuart Ritchie |

Prescription Drug Take Back Day Is This Saturday []
April 27th is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. The DEA is hosting collection events across the country. Find yours here.

Drug Distributor and Former Execs Face First Criminal Charges in Opioid Crisis [AP News]
In a "first of its kind" indictment, a major drug distributor and former executives have been charged with drug trafficking. The company allegedly operated in a way that placed profits over people's lives. 

Roosevelt Roberts Overcomes Death, Drugs and Hardships En Route to UFC [ESPN]
The story behind lightweight fighter Roosevelt Roberts. The Florida native grew up in a volatile home, dealt with abandonment and turned to drug dealing when he lost hope. 

'Strange' Zombie-Like Symptom Surfaces at London Drug Site [London Free Press]
Public health workers are puzzled over a new "zombie-like drug reaction" that's showing up amongst the opioid-using population across Canada. They suspect that it's coming from a "new batch of drugs" that's circulating the market.

Opinion: Churches Can Step Up for Victims of the Opioid Crisis [Atlanta Journal Constitution]
The faith community can do better to support the children affected by the drug crisis, this op-ed says. "There is no one better equipped than the faith community to alleviate the extreme pressures placed on DFCS, particularly the additional stresses from the drug crisis with the enormous caseloads of foster children."

British Police Are Raising Their Voices Against the Drug War [Filter]
Filter magazine highlights the growing dissent to the drug war amongst law enforcement officers in the UK. "Many officers privately share the view that hours of diligent policing have a negligible impact on illicit markets and do little to stem associated violence."

What To Know About Hair Follicle Drug Tests [Medical News Today]
How do hair follicle drug tests work? How accurate is it? How much does it cost? Medical News Today reports.

Two Rival Politicians Accused Each Other of Using Drugs. The Result Was a Showdown at a Urinalysis Lab. [Washington Post]
In a literal "political pissing contest," a city councilman and board of education member settled a tiff with a "urinalysis-off." The ugly feud began in the comments section of a blog. 

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