Morning Roundup: Apr. 23, 2019

By The Fix staff 04/23/19

Eminem celebrates 11 years sober, morning show host forced to explain sobriety on live TV, 24 hours in the heart of Philadelphia's opioid crisis.

the hospital at the heart of philly's opioid epidemic
At the heart of Philadelphia's opioid epidemic. Syda Productions |

'Good Morning Britain' Host Declines Cocktail 'Because I'm 8 Months Clean and Sober' [Yahoo News]
A morning show host mistakenly offered her sober co-host, British TV star James Argent, a cocktail. Argent politely refused, having to explain that he is over halfway to a year sober.

24 Hours in Philadelphia's Opioid Epidemic at Episcopal Hospital [Philly Inquirer]
Temple University medical students chronicle a full day from a hospital in the heart of Philadelphia's opioid crisis. "I no longer wonder what leads individuals down the path to crisis. I now wonder why paths haven't been built to pull these individuals from crisis."

Why Indianapolis Colts Owner Spent $2.4 Million on Original Manuscript of the Big Book [Indy Star]
Colts owner Jim Irsay purchased the original manuscript of AA's Big Book last year at auction. Now for the first time, it is on display for the public to view.

Amid Opioid Prescriber Crackdown, Health Officials Reach Out to Pain Patients [NPR]
The recent indictment of more than 50 medical professionals (doctors, nurses) affects thousands of pain patients. But instead of leaving them high and dry, officials are actually trying to offset the gap left by the crackdown.

The Giants at the Heart of the Opioid Crisis [NY Times]
There are the pill mills, rogue pharmacists, and Purdue Pharma. Then there are the drug distributors, the "financial muscle that has driven the spread of prescription opioids in the U.S." In a growing number of lawsuits, they are accused of playing a role in exacerbating the national opioid crisis.

The Book Newly Sober People Love to Give to Each Other [The Cut]
A Q&A with the author of This Naked Mind—which has helped an estimated 4,000 stop drinking."I think a goal would be for us, culturally, to be able to ask a simple question: Would I be happier drinking a bit less alcohol?"

Eminem Is 11 Years Sober [CNN]
Eminem hit 11 years of sobriety over the weekend. The rapper announced the milestone on social media.

Perspective: A Morning Reflection on 12 Years of Sobriety [Above The Law]
The Recovering Lawyer reflects on his relationship with his father, who supported him through his worst times. "He lived to see me free of the mental and physical handcuffs booze and cocaine locked inside for so many years."

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