Morning Roundup: Apr. 16, 2019

By The Fix staff 04/16/19

NYC on track to prohibit employers from marijuana-testing job applicants, Clark Gable's grandson's cause of death revealed as accidental OD, woman gains insight on dating as a person in recovery.

nyc may limit job applicant drug testing
Should employers test job applicants for marijuana? Marie Elena Sager |

Dear Christine: How Do I Deal With My Son's Substance Abuse? [Greater Good Magazine]
Sociologist and coach Christine Carter responds to parents who suspect that their college-aged son is developing a drug and alcohol problem. "He seems to only be able to get in a good mood when he has had something to drink or smoke, which is often."

Perspective: I'm Still Dateable, Even Though I Don't Drink [Huffington Post]
"Before I stopped drinking almost seven years ago, I would have never wanted to date a sober person..." Dating without alcohol wasn't as daunting as this writer thought. 

Sheer Scale of Opioid Epidemic Challenges Southern States' Resistance to Harm Reduction Strategies [Kaiser Health News]
Faced with serious drug problems, attitudes toward harm reduction strategies (needle exchange, supervised injection facilities) are shifting. As the drug crisis has gotten worse, nothing is off the table. 

Marijuana Testing of Job Applicants Is Barred by City in Groundbreaking Measure [NY Times]
A bill that would prohibit NYC employers from testing job applicants for marijuana was approved by the City Council. "The legislation means we aren't shutting out thousands of people from the workforce for the private decision to use marijuana."

David Esparza, 76, Counseled Inmates on Substance Abuse [My San Antonio]
Remembering David Esparza, who ran Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for Mexican-American men in his local jail and parole office. He is remembered for his humility and belief in others, strengths that helped him in addition to his past drinking problem to reach other men.

Supporters Sue to Open Safe Injection Site in Philadelphia, Citing Religious Freedom [WBHM]
In response to opposition from the state and federal government, the coalition that is trying to open the nation's first supervised injection facility is hitting back with a countersuit. Their right to "preserve life" per their Judeo-Christian beliefs is cited in court documents.

Clark Gable's Grandson Died of an Accidental Fentanyl Overdose [People]
Accidental fentanyl overdose was reported to be the cause of death of 30-year-old Clark James Gable. The grandson of film icon Clark Gable was found dead on Feb. 22.

Recovering Addicts Are Telling Students Their Stories to Help Fight Drug Use []
Through Alumni in Recovery, volunteers speak with students about their addiction-recovery journeys, hoping to guide them on a different path.

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