Morning Roundup: Apr. 12, 2019

By The Fix staff 04/12/19

Addiction YouTube series reaches 1 million views, Drug Czar highlights government's prevention efforts, Sober Friends learn how to have fun and socialize without alcohol/drugs.

fun without the drugs/alcohol
Having fun doesn't have to involve drugs or alcohol. Alphaspirit |

Drug Czar James Carroll: Stop Illicit Drug Use Before It's Too Late [USA Today]
The Trump administration's efforts to combat the national drug crisis have seen results, according to the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. He cites initiatives like the Drug-Free Communities Support Program and "The Truth About Opioids" PSAs.

I Know I'm Dependent on Weed But I Don't Want to Quit [Bon Appetit]
A writer examines her relationship with marijuana. Is it possible for her to have a healthy relationship with her go-to escape? "I want my vices to be vacations, wonderful and wild, but then I want to come back to balance."

Videographer's Series on Addiction Reaches 1 Million Views on YouTube [Clermont Sun]
A YouTube documentary series has reached 1 million views. "Addiction" highlights individuals in recovery from substance use disorder. Skateboarder Brandon Novak is among the many subjects featured in the series.

Housing, Transportation Emerge as Key Priorities as State's New Addiction-Treatment Program Grows [NHPR]
As the state's "Doorway" walk-in treatment initiative has attracted more people to consider getting help for addiction, the need for housing options has also risen. New funding for short-term housing seeks to address this need.

Stop the Stigma: Eliminating the Shame to Understand the Truth About Addiction [San Diego Entertainer]
Stigma is a powerful thing. Author Mallory Neuberger illustrates this point in this short essay. "Even today, with six and a half years sober, many people judge me for being an addict."

New Organ Donor Push Aims to Include Kentuckians in Addiction Recovery [WFPL]
There's a common misconception that drug users can't be organ donors. A Kentucky initiative is hoping to change that. "It's just one more sign that they're making new and positive changes and that they're thinking of ways to give back that they're hopeful about a full life ahead."

Sobriety Is Just One Pathway to Recovery. Harm Reduction Is Another. [STAT News]
A case in favor of a harm reduction approach for treating substance use disorder. Harm reduction expert Susan Collins breaks down what this entails, and the reasons why it is a legitimate path to recovery.

Woman Creates Social Recovery Group, Sober Friends [Bristol Herald Courier] 
Before going to jail, Connie Pierce created Sober Friends. The goal is to help people in recovery learn to find happiness, socialize, and have fun without drugs or alcohol.

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