Massive Apple Vodka Spill Looted Before Authorities Arrived

By Bryan Le 12/26/17

"Unsavory characters" experienced a minor Christmas miracle as they looted apple-flavored vodka bottles rolling down the street.

Close up of shattered alcohol bottle on road.
Dreaming of an apple-flavored Christmas.

A pickup truck filled with cases of apple-flavored vodka lost its payload, accidentally spilling a multitude of bottles on a street corner in Modesto, California. The accident lead to an all-you-can-grab frenzy by black-hearted passersby, who picked up as many bottles as they could carry before fleeing the scene as authorities arrived.

Firefighters responding to the traffic hazard brought equipment to mop up the spill, but found their job already partly done by the looters who had picked up unbroken bottles of the New Amsterdam Apple Flavored Vodka. Some of the firefighters witnessed “unsavory characters were filling their bags” with the goods. The truck had been carrying 15 to 20 cases of the stuff. Losing a majority of the stock after the spill to sticky-fingered pedestrians, and gravity, was likely not the way the drivers wanted to spend the holiday season.

Despite the intervention of ne’er-do-wells, the firefighters were able to clean up the spill by sweeping and pouring absorbent material on the spill, preventing any of it from going down the storm drains. However, the indeterminate amount of bottles stolen from the scene could not be recovered. The scent of apples saturated the air as the firefighters cleaned the mess. The ill-gotten apple vodka was surely a strange addition to the thieves’ Christmas dinners, with the truck driver’s misfortune becoming their odd Christmas miracle.

While the thieves did grab a bunch of bottles, it’s likely they intended to save or share it, unlike a Pennsylvania dentist who polished off a whole bottle by himself and proceeded to treat patients. He made it through seven patients before his staff realized that he was not exactly himself as he carried out the procedures. His blood alcohol level was .418, more than five times the legal limit for drivers, and authorities brought him to a hospital to prevent complications from alcohol poisoning.

His staff became wary of his condition when they found him sleeping off the vodka in an exam chair. He was supposed to see seven more patients that day, but awoke to find that his state dental license was suspended for recklessly endangering his patients.

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