Mass Shooting At Gender Reveal Party Tied To Drug Rings, Police Say

By Victoria Kim 08/29/17

The mass shooting left eight injured and took the life of a 22-year-old mother.

Cheyanne Willis and friend.
Cheyanne Willis and friend. Photo via YouTube

In July, two men shot up a gender reveal party near Cincinnati, killing a young mother and injuring eight others.

The story is as tragic as it is shocking. And as we learn more about the events surrounding the attack, it seems that all signs point to drug activity. That’s according to police in Colerain Township, Ohio, where the shooting took place on July 8. 

According to police spokesperson James Love, multiple connections were found linking people at the party and “three drug rings”—leading authorities to believe that the shooting was “in no way” a random act of violence.

Other details about the incident—which left eight injured including three children no more than 8 years old, and killed a 22-year-old mother—have raised even more questions. Police say they’ve been met with “resistance” from victims, being given “leads known to be lies” that are impeding the investigation. 

“From the very beginning of this investigation, we have met significant resistance that is uncommon from victims of crime wanting a resolution,” said the Colerain police, according to CBS News.

It also probably doesn’t bode well that the host of the party, 21-year-old Cheyanne Willis, wasn’t actually pregnant, according to police—after she told a local news station that she lost the baby after getting shot in the leg.

According to witness accounts, the shooting happened after the party had officially ended. A group of more than a dozen people stayed behind and were watching a movie when two men in hoodies reportedly entered the home through the front door and “sprayed the living room with gunfire,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer

Some neighbors attested to problems with drugs in the area. One recalled calling the police “several times” about drug deals. “There’s a lot of drugs in this neighborhood,” they told the Enquirer in July. “Everything from prescription to heroin to weed.”

Violent drug-related activity in the area took another life in January—when Colerain High School graduate, 20-year-old Tarak Underiner, was fatally shot near Ohio State University where he was a student. According to Columbus police, the shooting was also drug-related.

No arrests have been made so far. Colerain Township Police are offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with helpful information about the deadly shooting at the gender reveal party.

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