Maroon 5 Bassist Gets One Day Of Community Service In Cocaine Case

By McCarton Ackerman 05/20/16

Back in January, Michael "Mickey" Madden was caught in the act of passing cocaine to Ivanka Trump's ex-boyfriend by an undercover cop. 

Maroon 5 Bassist Gets One Day Of Community Service In Cocaine Case
Michael "Mickey" Madden (pictured second from left) with Maroon 5

The bassist for chart-topping band Maroon 5 has a one next to his name again, but this time it’s for the single day of community service he was sentenced to in his cocaine possession case.

Michael “Mickey” Madden, 36, was caught by an undercover NYC police officer in January as he passed a vial of cocaine to 35-year-old James “Bingo” Gubelmann, a movie producer perhaps best known as the former boyfriend to Ivanka Trump. The drug exchange took place outside the East Village bar St. Dymphnas.

Both men were issued a desk appearance ticket and took plea deals for the one count of drug possession against each of them. Madden agreed to one day of community service and Gubelmann will attend attend a one-day drug treatment program. The charge will be expunged from their record if they stay out of trouble for six months.

The band is reportedly no stranger to drug use. A wrongful termination lawsuit filed against Universal Music Group in 2013 claimed that the company turned a blind eye to recording artists, including lead singer Adam Levine, as they did drugs in recording studios.

The suit, filed by a security guard only listed as a 41-year-old African-American woman, claimed she complained about the smell of pot coming from a studio that Levine was in. She was allegedly told by management that “It’s Adam Levine…he can do whatever he wants. If he wants to come to the lobby and do a line of cocaine on the floor, it’s okay.” Universal slammed the claims of drug use as “absurd.”

The following month, Levine went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and explained why he doesn’t do drugs anymore. He admitted to using Ambien with lead guitarist James Valentine, but laughed as he said their awful experience afterwards at a Denny’s put him off from drug experimentation.

“We were at Denny’s in some shady part of the city, and I’ll never forget this, because I ordered Moons Over Miami…and we woke up at the table, what must have been an hour later,” said Levine. “Moons Over Miami comes with cheese, and the cheese was like hardened plastic…we didn’t eat our food. We just paid our bill and sheepishly made our way out of there. Since then, I’ve never done drugs.”

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