Marijuana Dispensary Closes After Owner's Arrest For Selling Meth

By Paul Gaita 08/01/19

Undercover agents reportedly purchased meth at the dispensary from the owner on two separate occasions.

marijuana dispensary owner under arrest

The owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Oklahoma has been arrested for allegedly selling methamphetamine.

Agents from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) arrested Jeffrey Peregrino, who owns the Left Handed Okies dispensary in Spiro, Oklahoma, on July 24, on charges of trafficking meth. An OBN spokesperson stated that meth was purchased by undercover agents on two separate occasions inside the dispensary's office.

Peregrino, 38, was booked into the LeFlore County Jail by law enforcement on the afternoon of the 24th, and currently faces two charges of alleged trafficking of methamphetamine. The Left Handed Okies location was shuttered after authorities issued an emergency suspension order, which halted sales while cannabis products inside the dispensary were confiscated. 

A second Left Handed Okies dispensary in Shady Point, Oklahoma, is reportedly related to the Spiro location by name only. Oklahoma news stations contacted its owner, Coty Jerrell, who told them that the two businesses are not connected, and that he owns the "Left Handed Okies" moniker, which he plans to have removed from the Spiro location. 

Jerrell also noted that he is "120% against any kind of methamphetamine or opioids. The reason why we got into this industry is to fight this epidemic." 

Going Undercover

According to OBN spokesperson Mark Woodward, undercover agents purchased meth from Peregrino on two separate occasions. "Both of the transactions took place inside the dispensary office," he said.

The investigation was a joint effort between the OBN, LeFlore County District Attorney's Office and the District 16 Drug Task Force, which serves LeFlore and Latimer Counties in the Sooner State.

Woodward noted that the July 24 incident was the OBN's first action at a dispensary since the state voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2018, and Peregrino's record prior to the arrest was devoid of any connection to illegal narcotics.

"There was nothing that showed up in his background that he had any outstanding warrants or anything priot to us encountering him this summer on the meth sales [sic]," he said.

"It begs the question why he would even risk [selling meth]—if he's going to get into this business and try to be legit and then risk throwing it all away over this. But that was the choice he made, and he's going to deal with the consequences."

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