Man with Ties to KKK Charged with Running Illegal Prescription Drug Ring

By May Wilkerson 03/02/16

David Duke's former campaign manager has been charged with running a pill mill that has been associated with three fatal overdoses.

Man with Ties to KKK Charged with Running Illegal Prescription Drug Ring
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Justice is being served for the leader of an illegal prescription drug ring in New Orleans with close ties to the Ku Klux Klan. The DEA has charged Kenny Knight, a longtime associate of former KKK leader David Duke, with running a pill mill (where prescription pills are illegally distributed) out of a pain management clinic called the Axcess Medical Clinic.

Knight is accused of conspiring with Dr. Barbara A. Bruce to distribute prescription painkillers to friends and patients without conducting the medical exams required by law, according to a criminal complaint. The court papers say at least three fatal overdoses have been “associated with [Dr.] Bruce.” The clinic has been under federal investigation since 2010.

The business accepted only cash and customers would “travel for hours” to obtain the illegal pills, according to court papers. Staff members at the clinic have also been accused of conducting fake therapy sessions and giving pills to patients who would then resell them in nearby cities. 

Knight allegedly supervised the enterprise, communicated directly with patients, altered medical records and kept the clinic’s computer in his home. He is also accused of putting pressure on Dr. Bruce to increase business by seeing more patients, which ultimately may have led to their falling out.

Dr. Bruce and a nurse at the clinic, Theresa “Tammy” Schlosser, were initially arrested last year during a crackdown on illegal prescription pill businesses led by the DEA’s New Orleans Field Division. Dubbed “Operation Pilluted,” the 15-month investigation resulted in nearly 300 arrests in four states. Bruce, whose trial is scheduled for the spring, told authorities that Knight had been “absolutely aware of the activities that were going on” at the clinic, according to the criminal complaint. Though the DEA had been monitoring him closely, Knight was not arrested until recently and his case was reopened last week.

Knight and former KKK leader, Duke, have been “associates” for decades, with Knight serving as Duke’s political adviser and managing some of his campaigns for public office. Knight has also been tied to several white nationalist groups, including the Euro-American Unity and Rights Organization, commonly known as EURO. He has so far refused to comment on the charges against him.

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