Man Smuggled Pound Of Cocaine In "Curious" Toupee

By Kelly Burch 07/19/19

The 65-year-old Colombian man was charged with a "crime against public health." 

man in "curious" toupee
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Sometimes, the ingenuity of drug smugglers is downright awe-inspiring. In other instances, their efforts are simply laughable. 

The latter was the case in Spain last month, when authorities arrested a man traveling from Colombia who was trying to smuggle half a kilo of cocaine beneath an ill-fitting hair piece. 

Sporting a curious bump beneath his toupee, border officials said that the man tried to hide the bad wig with a hat, but there was no covering up his nervousness when he went through a border checkpoint. 

“His toupee was very curious, but the agents there have a lot of expertise and they pay attention to people's attitude," the National Police told La Vanguardia, according to NPR. "His nervousness was very noticeable as he was about to pass the security checkpoint.”

Authorities On Alert

Because of the man’s demeanor authorities became suspicious, especially once they gave his hairstyle a second glance. When they asked him to remove his hairpiece they found 503 grams of cocaine, said to be worth about $33,000 USD. 

This week, Spanish authorities released a picture of the man on Twitter, with his hairpiece in place, and another showing the bundle of cocaine on his head without the hairpiece. 

The 65-year-old Colombian man was not identified when the story hit the news. He was charged in Spanish courts with "a crime against public health" and remains in custody, the Spanish National Police said.

Other Smugglers

Earlier this summer Spanish authorities intercepted another notable drug-smuggling attempt. In that case, an air force official traveling with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was found to have 86 pounds of cocaine in his suitcase aboard the presidential plane.

The drugs were discovered when the presidential plane stopped over in Spain while en route to the G20 economic summit in Japan. 

The official, Sgt. Manoel Silva Rodrigues, was taken into custody in Spain, and Bolsonaro immediately went on Twitter to speak out about the incident, according to The New York Times

“We won’t tolerate this type of disrespect to our nation!” said the president, who has taken a tough-on-drugs stance. 

Still, Brazilian opposition leader Marcelo Freixo took the opportunity to criticize Bolsonaro’s approach to controlling the drug trade. 

“The cocaine case in the presidential plane shows the error of pursuing a war on drugs in Brazilian favelas, which victimizes the poor,” he wrote on Twitter. “Trafficking of arms and drugs generates fortunes the world over and involves powerful people. It’s necessary to follow the money and pursue those at the top.”

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