Man Does Cartwheels, Eats Fries During Sobriety Test

By Kelly Burch 02/12/18

An unsuccessful trip through a McDonald's drive-thru led to somersaults and jail time for one Florida man.

a businessman doing a cartwheel

Sometimes police officers struggle to decide whether a driver is impaired or over the legal limit to drive, but when Christopher Bidzinski, 30, was pulled over outside a McDonald's in South Florida, he made the officer’s job easy, proclaiming that he was going to fail the sobriety test, requesting more french fries, and ultimately doing cartwheels during his sobriety test. 

"I deserve to go to jail," Bidzinski said on police video, according to ABC13. "Can I eat some more French fries? I'm not going to [expletive] pass [the sobriety test].”

Police were called after a McDonald’s employee found Bidzinski slumped over his steering wheel in the drive-thru window, after successfully placing his food order. The employee called 911. When the police arrived, they reportedly found that Bidzinski clearly knew that he was too intoxicated to drive. 

"Take me to jail. I beg of you. I deserve to go to jail," said Bidzinski, who later admitted that he had been drinking wine, according to NBC-2

Although he knew he was intoxicated, Bidzinski told the officers that he thought he could do a backflip right then, and proceeded to attempt. The result was a clumsy cartwheel, followed by Bidinski toppling over in the parking lot. Officers can be heard chuckling in the background. 

Police who responded said that they had brought Bidzinski home the night before. NBC-2 later reported that this is his third DUI charge, and that he refused to take a breathalyzer. Despite that, police had enough evidence to charge him with driving under the influence, especially after finding a chilled, unopened bottle of wine in the truck that Bidzinski was driving. 

“Why do you keep on drinking and driving, bud?” an officer is heard saying. “You could hurt someone.” Bidzinski nods. 

He is reportedly in jail on $20,000 bond, and will be in court this week. Police said that Bidzinski fell asleep while he was being transported to jail, but that the heavy smell of alcohol stayed in the cruiser. 

Bidzinski isn’t the first person to do cartwheels during a sobriety test. In February of last year, a New Mexico woman pulled a similar stunt after she was suspected of drunk driving. 

Bryelle Marshall, 23, was found passed out behind the wheel of her car. When officers suspected her of drunk driving and tried to administer a field sobriety test, Marshall reportedly did cartwheels. Despite that, officers noticed that she was swaying and decided that they had enough evidence to arrest her. 

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