Man Calls Cops to Unlock His Car, Gets Busted for Drugs Inside

By Bryan Le 02/20/17

An Ohio pot dealer locked his keys in the car, so he called the police to bust open the door for him...and busted himself in the process.

Man Calls Cops to Unlock His Car, Gets Busted for Drugs Inside
Don't lock your keys with the stash.

If you’re a pot dealer locked out of your car, calling the police to crack it open might not be the smartest choice. But that thought didn’t occur to 39-year-old Keith Deloach of Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

Deloach called the police for help after locking his keys in his car in the parking lot of Golden Gate shopping center. A responding officer arrived to rescue Deloach, believing him to simply be a stranded motorist. However, after using a wedge to crack the car door open, the responding officer immediately noticed the strong scent of marijuana emanating from the interior of the car.

When the officer asked Deloach about the smell, Deloach tried to play it off as cigar smoke, but the officer wasn't buying it. Under pressure from the officer, Deloach eventually admitted he had marijuana hidden away in the car and the simple Samaritan rescue transformed into a full-on drug bust.

A full search of the car by a team of officers turned up a treasure trove of pot-dealing goodies. In Deloach's car were bags of marijuana, a grinder, a scale and—most incriminatingly—many plastic baggies labeled, somewhat ironically, "Good Sense."

The video footage from Fox 8

The whole incident was captured on the bodycam of the responding officer. The other officers who arrived on scene couldn’t seem to believe what had just happened.

“I can’t help but laugh,” an officer on the video says to Deloach. “Did you seriously call the police?”

“You can’t make this shit up,” another laughs.

Deloach is facing charges of drug trafficking, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. As if he didn't have enough to kick himself over after calling the cops on himself, Deloach may face additional charges because the incident happened in an area where children were nearby.

While medical marijuana is legal in Ohio, recreational use and distribution are not. Just ask the man who was busted with over $300,000 in pot goods in Ohio last Christmas. With the help of a diligent drug-sniffing K9, officers discovered 71 pounds of marijuana, 360 THC pills and a pound of hash oil in the back seat and trunk of the man's rented Ford Expedition. 

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