Malibu Hills Treatment Center

By The Fix staff 08/04/17

Malibu Hills was specifically designed to care for clients dealing with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. 

Malibu Hills Treatment Center
Location : 415 Westlake Blvd Malibu, CA 90265
Phone : (888) 415-6174
Price : $68,500 (30 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Located in the beach-adjacent canyons of southern California,Malibu Hills Treatment Center is a residential treatment facility that was established in 2010. Malibu Hills was specifically designed to care for clients dealing with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. 

Facility and Meals

Residents stay in one of two villas in the co-ed residence, which has space for a maximum of 12 clients at a time. The spacious and luxurious house is painted and outfitted with high-end furniture in calming beige. There are a number of rooms and amenities to ensure that each client is given the space they need and comfortable places to interact with the other residents.There are both private and gender-specific double rooms available.Private rooms have king beds, couches, ottomans and some feature fireplaces, TVs, and—in the case of private suites—separate lounge areas.Private bathrooms come with plush white robes and have large showers and tubs.

The backyard of the facility has a pool and jacuzzi which, true to the rehab’s name, overlooks the hills of Malibu. The second-floor balcony has a perfect view of the backyard and adjoining hills, ideal for simple outdoor reflection. There is also a separate area off to the side of the house, which has a stone table flanked by the calming presence of a fountain.There is a walking trail that offers a closer look at the area’s spectacular flora and fauna, and a ranch area for alternative therapies.

A private chef creates gourmet meals for clients in a large, granite-topped kitchen with an adjoining dining area. There is another, separate dining area with a large wooden table off of the entry foyer. 

Treatment Protocol and Team

The facility specializes in treating clients with mental health issues who have been abusing alcohol, heroin, methamphetamines and oxycontin or other drugs.Detox is offered on-site and the process involves the around-the-clock nurse staff and an on-call medical doctor, who administer low levels of medication when needed.Though different for each individual, treatment most oftenlasts 30 days after detox and involves a mix of evidence-based protocols like CBT and DBT as well as individual therapy, group therapy and neurofeedback.All programs focus on holistic care.

In the mornings clients may choose to go to an off-site gym or use the on-site fitness machines, or optionally do yoga on the two days per week when it is offered. Individual therapy occurs twice a week and group therapy runs every weekday from roughly 11 am through 5 pm with breaks for lunch.

Nurses are on staff 24/7.

The program is non-12-step-based and non-religious, perfect for those who have unsuccessfully tried the 12-step model. It does recognize the importance, however, of 12-step and alternative program meetings as an aftercare support system. If clients choose, they may also be transported to outside 12-step or other recovery program meetings on most nights of the week.

Bonus Amenities

In addition to weekly yoga, equine therapy, acupuncture, art therapy, Reiki treatments, massage therapy and spiritual counseling are available. Hypnotherapy is employed a couple of times a week as part of treatment.


With its individualized and attentive focus, Malibu Hills Treatment Center offers intensive but luxurious treatment for those struggling with addictionand co-occurring disorders. With an extensive outdoor area and a number of alternative therapies available, it’s ideal for those looking for an alternative to traditional 12-step treatment in Malibu.

415 Westlake Blvd

Malibu, CA 90265

(888) 415-6174

[email protected]

Malibu Hills Treatment Center Cost: $68,500 (30 days). Find Malibu Hills Treatment Center on Facebook

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