Luxury Rehab Guide for Zutripro Addiction

By The Fix staff 08/08/19

Find all the information you need about Zutipro in this helpful guide.

luxury zutripro rehab

1. What Is Zutripro And What Is It Used For?
2. How Is Zutripro Taken?
3. What Are the Precautions You Must Take?
4. What Are Zutripro Interactions?
5. Can Zutripro Cause Addiction and Abuse?
6. What Are the Slang Names for Zutripro?
7. Is There Zutripro Withdrawal?
8. How to Deal with Zutripro Addiction?
9. How Does Zutripro Rehab Help?
10. How Is Life After Rehabilitation?
11. Conclusion

What Is Zutripro And What Is It Used For?

Zutripro is a medicine that is generally prescribed for cough and cold. It’s a formulation of hydrocodone bitartrate, chlorpheniramine maleate, pseudoephedrine, and hydrochloride. The oral solution of Zutripro comes in grape flavor. It’s recommended only for adults--those who are 18 years of age or above. Doctors do not prescribe Zutripro for children.

Zutripro contains decongestants that help in relieving the symptoms of a cold, like a stuffy nose. It also contains hydrocodone, which is an opioid agent. This helps in influencing certain parts of the brain such that there is a reduced urge to cough. And one major reason why this medicine is not meant for children is because it contains an opioid cough suppressant agent.

How Is Zutripro Taken?

Zutripro comes with an instruction leaflet that would help you understand how to take it. If you’re taking the tablet or capsule-form of Zutripro, don’t break the tablet or crush it. It’s supposed to be swallowed whole. Upon being broken or crushed, it can affect the action of the tablet and also increase the chances of side effects. You can take it with or without having meals. However, if you have an upset stomach from taking Zutripro without food, take subsequent doses with food or milk to avoid this problem.

Zutripro also comes in a solution form and is supposed to be taken with a full glass of water. Make sure you only use a proper measuring cup that you get with the solution from the pharmacy to measure and monitor the doses. Zutripro is supposed to be taken in fixed doses not with a spoon; any other means of measuring can deliver an incorrect dose. Shake the bottle well before using if you’re taking the suspension form of liquid Zutripro.

Before taking the medicine, make sure you ask your doctor about the medication. The doses vary from person to person based on the various factors. Your doctor will prescribe Zutripro in fixed doses based on those factors. Stick to the dose that your doctor prescribes, as it is the recommended amount. Make sure you avoid Zutripro overdose or underdosing the medicine.

What Are the Precautions You Must Take?

When administering Zutripro, it’s important to take certain precautions in order to avoid any side effects. Since Zutripro contains opioid compounds, not taking precautions can lead to serious Zutripro effects. Here’s a list of precautions you must take when prescribed Zutripro:

  • Make sure you inform your doctor about any allergies you have. Zutripro may contain inactive ingredients that can incite or worsen allergic reactions.
  • Give your doctor a complete medical history before you start taking Zutripro. Doctors generally prescribe Zutripro only after they are sure that it’s apt for the health condition of the patient. This is why the doctor seeks all the information if you’re suffering from any other health ailments. This is because Zutripro may worsen the symptoms of certain health conditions.
  • Zutripro may cause dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision, and light-headedness. This is why if you take Zutripro, you should avoid activities that require focus and clear vision, like driving, operating heavy machinery, etc.
  • Do not take this medication unless you have been prescribed to take it. Stop taking Zutripro as soon as you complete the course or when your doctor asks you to stop taking the medication. This is to avoid Zutripro effects that can cause other problems.

What Are Zutripro Interactions?

Zutripro can interact with medications belonging to the following categories, and thus, should not be taken together.

  • Sympathomimetics/MAOIs
  • Selected Antihistamines/selected MAOIs
  • Opioid Analgesics
  • Naltrexone

If you’re taking any of these medicines, make sure you discuss it with your doctor and ask them what to do in order to avoid any severe consequences from the interaction. Besides these, there are also other agents or medications that can cause severe interactions. This is why before your doctor prescribes Zutripro, he should know the medicines you take.

If a change in your diet is needed as you take Zutripro, your doctor will let you know. With that said, one important thing to remember is that you should never take Zutripro with alcohol. This can cause serious interactions and dangerous consequences. Zutripro is a narcotic, and one should never take a narcotic drug with alcohol. Tell your doctor if use take cannabis.

Can Zutripro Cause Addiction and Abuse?

Yes, Zutripro can cause both addiction and abuse. As people take Zutripro for a long duration even after the course is over, they may develop Zutripro addiction and become dependent on the drug. This causes many people to abuse Zutripro. As already mentioned, Zutripro contains an opioid agent called hydrocodone. This makes people vulnerable to the risks of opioid addiction and, as a result, Zutripro abuse.

Many patients generally develop this addiction when they take more than the required doses of Zutripro on a regular basis or take it even after they are supposed to stop the course. However, many people also buy Zutripro illegally because it contains an opioid substance. They do so by buying from illegal websites and the black market without a prescription. The easy availability of illicit Zutripro, makes it an easy target for abusers. However, they may not realize the negative consequences of Zutripro addiction.

Doctors make a proper assessment of the patient and look for the right evaluation of the etiology for the presence of a relentless cough which calls for the prescribing of the medicine. This helps ensure the patient has the medicine only when needed to avoid Zutripro abuse.

This is also the reason why it’s important to keep Zutripro out of the reach of children and others. There are chances that people who know of the drug may try to use it. Careful storage and ensuring that nobody else has access to your medicines is important.

What Are the Slang Names for Zutripro?

Slang names are nicknames given to drugs so that the process of buying these drugs illegally can be as discreet as possible. An awareness of the slang names used for prescription drugs can help people intervene in drug abuse when they’re able. While Zutripro doesn’t have its own slang name, people use some common terms for opioid drugs. Zutripro is also a medicine that is listed under opiates, and thus, people use certain slang names to buy this medicine as well.

If you hear someone ask for Captain Cody, Goodfella, Schoolboy, Tango and Cash, Loads, Miss Emma, Oxycat, Demmies, Perks, or White Stuff, it can indicate that this person is trying to illegally buy a prescription drug as a result of Zutripro addiction or addiction to another opioid substance. There are many more names, but the ones mentioned above are the most common.

Your friend, sibling, or someone else close to you might be suffering from an addiction and is making illicit purchases of drugs using these names. The knowledge of these names is useful in intervention.

Is There Zutripro Withdrawal?

Yes, when you take Zutripro for a long time, you might encounter Zutripro withdrawal symptoms. This is why people who take the medicine for a long time are not supposed to stop taking it all of a sudden. Because of the Zutripro ingredients, the body gets used to the medicine, and upon stopping the course, there can be a severe reaction. Zutripro can cause physiological as well as emotional and mental withdrawal effects.

However, Zutripro addiction and Zutripro withdrawal are two different things. A patient is addicted to Zutripro if he takes the medicine even after he has been asked to stop or acquires it illegally. Zutripro withdrawal symptoms are inevitable if one takes the medicine long enough. Hence, to avoid Zutripro withdrawal side effects, the doctor gradually reduces the doses of the medicine so that a certain amount of the medicine is there in the system, and the withdrawal effects are not felt. This gives your body time to get accustomed to the decreasing dose of the medicine.

It’s important to note that people who develop an addiction to the medicine also experience withdrawal symptoms associated with Zutripro. However, this is far more problematic because these withdrawal symptoms can lead to relapse and the cycle continues. There are drug addicts who want to stop abusing the drug desperately. However, they keep using just to escape the severe withdrawal symptoms.

How to Deal with Zutripro Addiction?

Zutripro addiction and Zutripro dependence can be a serious problem with serious consequences. One problem with Zutripro is that after using it for a long time, our body develops a tolerance towards the drug. When this happens, we need more of the medicine to have the desired effect.

When people take Zutripro because they are addicted to it, they experience a euphoric feeling and get high from it. As they keep taking the medicine, they need more of it to do the job. This is when they keep increasing their dose, and as they reach a certain point, quitting completely becomes difficult because of the worsenning Zutripro withdrawal side effects.

Furthermore, when people need higher doses of the medicine for a more intoxicating effect, they may even overdose on Zutripro. An overdose can be life threatening. Since Zutripro abuse and addiction can cause so many problems, it’s important for addicts to look for a way to deal with addiction so that they can live normal lives.

It’s also important to mention that when a drug addict tries to fight the battle all by himself, it can be extremely difficult. Drug addiction, especially opioid addiction, often needs a very systematic process to be followed with the help of health professionals and the support of family and friends. So, if you ask how to overcome Zutripro addiction, seeking help from a therapist and following a systematic treatment approach becomes very beneficial.

How Does Zutripro Rehab Help?

One of the best types of treatment for people who have an addiction to opioid substances is a rehab facility. From the previous sections, it’s quite clear how hard it can be for a drug addict to wage a battle against addiction all by himself. Since the withdrawal effects are usually tormenting, the patient may find himself taking the medicine again to satiate his desperate urges.

This is when a health professional can best help with opioid addiction. For people who suffer from opioid addiction, an inpatient Zutripro rehab facility can be a great option. The difference between outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab is that while in the case of outpatient treatment a patient only visits the rehab center daily or even sometimes just a few times each week, the patient lives in the rehab center for many days when he opts for inpatient rehab treatment.

As the patient goes to the rehab center, he first undergoes a process of detox, during which the opioid substances are removed from the body. Following that, the patient starts living in the Zutripro rehab center with many other patients. This can give him a comfortable environment to go through the changes required to live a drug-free life. Seeing and living with patients like him can also give him hope that he is not alone.

During this course of time, the patient receives a combination of medicine and therapy after being assessed. While medicine helps in preventing severe Zutripro withdrawal symptoms, therapy aims at changing the patient’s thought process as well as behavior pertaining to the addiction.

The patient is also monitored constantly, and the behavior of the patient is also observed so that the therapist and other health professionals can see how the treatment progresses. Inpatient treatment helps in making sure that the patient doesn’t come in contact with opioid substances again causing a relapse. Once treatment is over, the patient is more prepared to live on their own.

How Is Life After Rehabilitation?

When the patient completes their term of treatment within the Zutripro rehab center, he is not suddenly abandoned to be on his own outside of the rehab facility. The very aim of treating a patient with the help of a rehab facility is to provide them with a long-term solution. Rehabs aren’t a cheap affair (even though there are affordable rehab centers available). When you invest so much, you would obviously want a more permanent solution, and that is what a Zutripro rehab facility aims to do.

Once the treatment is over, getting equipped with life skills can be important so that he’s less likely to succumb to remaining urges of going back to addiction. This happens through planned follow-ups when the patient visits the rehab on as an outpatient. During the follow-ups, the patient is free to express how he feels and report everything to their therapist so they can get any additional help and assistance. It’s also crucial that the patient returns to a state where they're able to adapt to society and live a normal life. The better equipped he is at living a sober life, the more he will feel rewarded and motivated to carry on with life in that way.

Today, there is an increased awareness about drug addiction and abuse, which encourages more people to approach Zutripro treatment facilities or even alcohol addiction treatment without shying away.


Before you use any prescription drugs, it’s important to know about the drug and have a conversation with your doctor. Make sure that you only take a drug in doses that are prescribed by the doctor to avoid addiction problems. People sometimes don’t realize how severe the consequences of Zutripro addiction can be. However, reading and researching can educate them in a way that helps them remain cautious while using the medicine.

When seeking Zutripro rehab treatment, make sure you do your own research. There are many rehab centers to choose from. However, not all rehab centers have many opioid patients. Opioid addiction, like any addiction, needs its own set of therapies. So, look for a rehab center that provides the needed therapies and has a high success rate with treating opioid addicts.

There is a range of Zutripro addiction treatment based on price as well. While you may find basic rehab centers, you may also find many that provide five-star amenities like in an expensive hotel. It’s always recommended to choose a rehab center based on what you can afford and what treatment you would like for your condition. For further help, you can also talk to your insurance company and find out if they cover rehab expenses as well. 

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