How to Find the Best Palladone Rehab

By The Fix staff 05/29/19

If you believe you’re dependent upon the drug Palladone, you should waste no time in seeking treatment and consider entering rehab.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is Palladone and What is it Used For?
  2. What Effects Does Palladone Have?
  3. Palladone Street Names
  4. Signs of Addiction to Palladone
  5. Signs of Overdosing on Palladone
  6. Palladone Withdrawal and Detox
  7. Getting Treatment and Rehabilitation for Addiction to Palladone
  8. Choose the Best Rehabilitation Center for Palladone

Do you believe you’re dependent upon the drug Palladone? Perhaps you have a loved one who you believe might be suffering from an addiction to the drug. This is a serious matter and one that affects a large number of people around the world.

Even though you might know that you aren’t alone in this battle, it does not make taking those first steps any easier. Those who are committed to dealing with their addiction and getting into recovery will find that the best option is to go through a professional medical detox and then enter a quality Palladone rehab facility. This way, they will stand a better chance of not relapsing.

What is Palladone and What is it Used For?

Palladone is a brand name for hydromorphone, and interestingly, it has been discontinued in the United States. However, this does not mean that the drug or generic equivalents are not still available for those who seek them out illicitly. Some of the other brand names for hydromorphone that are used in the U.S. include Dilaudid and Exalgo.

With hydromorphone, there are three available forms. These include the solution, tablet, and extended-release tablet. All of them have the capacity to be dangerous and addictive, because they contain opioids as the active ingredient.

Hydromorphone is used as a means to regulate moderate to severe pain. It is often used to help with migraines, bone pain, and dental pain. With the extended-release tablets, it can provide treatment for the pain around the clock, rather than only when it is needed. This works like other opioids when it comes to providing relief from pain. It alters the way the brain and the central nervous system interpret the nerve signals that the body is giving them. 

What Effects Does Palladone Have?

As with other types of opioids, the use of Palladone will provide not only pain relief but also a feeling of euphoria and peace. The perception of pleasure tends to be increased, as well. These feelings that those who use the drug experience are some of the reasons they continue to use it. Before long, they find that they are dependent on the drug, even if they aren’t in pain. The addiction to opioids can set in quickly, and it can be extremely difficult to break without proper help.

For some people, there are other dangers associated with the use of Palladone and similar drugs. If it is taken with certain other drugs, it can cause major problems. Those who have used an MAO inhibitor within 14 days of taking hydromorphone could suffer a serious interaction that could include severe breathing problems. Additionally, Palladone should never be used with alcohol, as it can cause the drug to enter the bloodstream more rapidly, increasing the risk of an overdose. 

Palladone Street Names

Hydromorphone has several different brands, but most people who are looking for the drug do not call it by any of the brand names, or even the generic names. Instead, they have developed their own street names for the drug. The slang can vary based on location and the individual, but below are some of the most common.

  • Ds
  • Dillies
  • Heidies
  • Hydro
  • Laudies

These are just some of the alternative names that are used for hydromorphone and Palladone.

Signs of Addiction to Palladone

How does a person know they are addicted to Palladone? If you are constantly thinking about the drug and how to make sure you have enough of it, it is a sign of addiction. Some of the other signs include not enjoying activities that you previously enjoyed, and not caring about obligations to work, school, and family as much as you care about the drug.

Signs of Overdosing on Palladone

Those who abuse Palladone or other forms of hydromorphone are at risk of overdosing. With these types of drugs, more and more will be needed as a way to provide the user with the same effects. This can put too much of the drug into the system, and an overdose may occur. Some of the signs and symptoms of overdose include:

  • Cold, clammy skin
  • Constricted pupils
  • Decreased consciousness
  • Respiratory depression

When someone suffers an overdose, or you believe they even might have had an overdose, it is essential to contact emergency services as soon as possible. Often, the medical professionals will administer naloxone to help reverse the effects of the hydromorphone.

Palladone Withdrawal and Detox

When someone stops taking hydromorphone, and even if they simply reduce their doses, they will find that it can cause serious withdrawal symptoms, which can be quite painful. It is a drug that shouldn’t be quit cold turkey. Instead, the best option tends to be a medical detox. With these types of detoxifications, medical professionals will gradually reduce the amount of the drug the patient is taking. This will allow their body to get accustomed to life without the drug.

However, that does not mean there will not be a withdrawal. There are a number of symptoms they may still face. These include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Goosebumps
  • Nausea
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting

Those who are going through withdrawal will often have a difficult time trying to enjoy their normal daily activities, as well.

Getting Treatment and Rehabilitation for Addiction to Palladone

There are various types of rehab programs available that can help those who are addicted to hydromorphone. Typically, you will be able to choose between inpatient and outpatient treatment options for Palladone. Those who choose an inpatient setting will find that it can provide them with around-the-clock attention and care, and it will eliminate any temptations that could cause someone to relapse. It also means that if there are any emergencies, the medical professionals will be right there to help.

For those who have moderate to severe levels of Palladone addiction, doctors will typically recommend inpatient treatment. This is also common right after someone comes out of detox. They might spend a few days with inpatient care before they go home. However, those who have milder symptoms of addiction might be able to benefit from an outpatient Palladone rehab center right away.

The outpatient treatment options can be quite beneficial, because they will allow the patient to continue with their normal routines with as little interruption as possible. They will still have access to all of the available treatments and therapies, but they will live at home during treatment. They can go to work and be with their family and friends. For some, this will be the more agreeable option. However, the one that is chosen should always be what is best for your recovery, not just what you want.

The types of treatment and therapies that are offered can vary based on the patient. In some cases, the use of other, lesser opioids might be used by the doctors as a means to help patients better deal with their cravings. They can often make the withdrawal symptoms easier to bear, as well. The other medications will then be gradually reduced.

Behavioral therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), can often be valuable as well. Other therapy types might include contingency management and motivational interviewing. Some Palladone rehab facilities will also offer holistic types of treatment, such as meditation, to help the patients better deal with their recovery and their stress levels. This can help patients later who might be in danger of relapsing.

Choose the Best Rehabilitation Center for Palladone

The goal of a Palladone rehab is to make sure you get the help that you need to recover properly. This means that you need to find a program that can provide you with what you need for your particular treatment. You want to work with a facility that provides evidence-based treatments. Of course, you will also want to make sure they treat you or your loved one properly and with respect.

Rather than choosing a Palladone rehab treatment center using only what you learn about the facility online, it is important to call and get in touch with them directly. You will want to ask questions about the various types of programs they offer, how they work with patients, and what credentials the therapists have. You need to know what it is about the rehab facility that will make it right for you, and you need to go deeper than just looking at a nice website.

Ideally, you will also be able to visit the facility before making a decision. This can give you a better idea of what you can expect when you or your loved one is admitted to the rehab.

It is very important to remember that recovery is about more than just the detox and the few weeks or months that are spent in treatment. It must also include aftercare options. What type of follow-up treatment and help options will be available through the hydromorphone rehab?

The only way to recover is by taking the first step. Admitting there is a problem, committing to detoxing and then making your way through the recovery program might be difficult, but it will be well worth it.

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