Luxury Rehab Guide for Oramorph Addiction

By The Fix staff 06/07/19

Oramorph is an opioid analgesic medication that is prescribed to treat severe pain and should not be used occasionally or outside a prescribed course of medication. Oramorph abuse can cause overdose and even death.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is Oramorph and what is it used for?
  2. How is Oramorph taken?
  3. What are the side-effects of Oramorph?
  4. What are the precautions to be taken?
  5. Is Oramorph prone to addiction and abuse?
  6. What are the slang names for Oramorph?
  7. What is Oramorph withdrawal?
  8. How to deal with Oramorph addiction
  9. What is Oramorph rehab?
  10. How does Oramorph rehab help?
  11. Conclusion

What is Oramorph and what is it used for?

Oramorph is a medication that is prescribed to treat severe pain, like in the case of cancer. Oramorph is popularly known by the generic name Morphine and belongs to the opioid class of drugs (opioid analgesics). Oramorph works to reduce pain by influencing how the brain perceives and responds to pain. Since Oramorph is classified under opioid analgesics, it’s only available with a doctor’s prescription.

Oramorph is only supposed to be taken when your doctor tells you to do so. It should not be used for mild pain or the kind of pain that goes away after a while. One has to follow a prescribed course for this medicine, and it’s not supposed to be used as an occasional pain remedy.

How is Oramorph taken?

Oramorph is available in various strengths. The high strength of Oramorph is only suitable for patients who have already been taking low to moderate doses of opioid medications. Administering a higher dose to someone who doesn't have a tolerance can cause Oramorph overdose and even death, as a result. This is why doctors always prescribe Oramorph based on the condition of the patient and the history of opioid use.

The tablet form is supposed to be swallowed with water, pretty much like most other tablets. You can either take it after having a meal or without meals. If you experience nausea or vomiting upon having it without meals, you can try taking it with meals. If nausea still persists, you can talk to your doctor to see what can be done to minimize the symptoms.

When you buy Oramorph, you get an instruction leaflet along with it. Read the leaflet carefully and follow the instructions provided by your doctor. Oramorph is supposed to be taken in fixed doses, and generally, one dose is followed by the next after 8 to 12 hours. It is important to follow the regular doses as instructed by your doctor and take the medicine on time, without skipping doses.

If you take the tablet form of this medicine, make sure you swallow it whole in a go. Crushing, breaking it into pieces, or having a tablet that is soaked in water can alter how Oramorph works or even increase the likelihood of experiencing side-effects.

What are the side-effects of Oramorph?

Some of the common side-effects of Oramorph are: nausea, constipation, drowsiness, sweating, and lightheadedness. Many patients report these side-effects as they initially use Oramorph. Upon using it for a while, these side-effects may decrease. However, if they still persist, it would be better to consult your doctor.

It’s recommended to lie down for a couple of hours after taking Oramorph to manage the feeling of nausea. Moreover, for constipation, having a diet rich in fiber or having a laxative recommended by your doctor would help. Furthermore, make sure you have an adequate amount of water as well.

While these common side-effects can be managed and may not persist, see your doctor if you have any serious side-effects. Here’s a list of some of the adverse side-effects that you should watch out for:

  • Hallucination
  • Confusion
  • Agitation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shallow breathing
  • Fainting
  • Allergic reaction

While this is a list of some common serious side-effects, you may experience other side-effects too. If you experience any serious side-effects even outside this list, contact your doctor immediately.

What are the precautions to be taken?

When taking an opioid analgesic, it’s important to take precautions so that you can avoid the chances of side-effects, overdosing, or any other problem that can arise. Here’s a list of some precautions that you must take when administering Oramorph:

Make sure you talk to your doctor about any other health condition that you have, other opioid medicine or any medication that you’re on so that an Oramorph interaction with other drugs can be avoided. The doctor generally makes a complete assessment before prescribing Oramorph to avoid complications.

Make sure you strictly stick to the prescribed doses. The doctor decides a specific dose based on the severity of your condition and many other factors. Taking Oramorph in lower doses may fail to deliver the desired outcomes while taking a higher dose can lead to an overdose which can be fatal.

Oramorph may cause dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, and blurred vision. It’s recommended not to perform any task that requires focus, motor skills, or good vision, like driving or operating heavy machinery.

Store it in a safe place, away from heat, direct sunlight, and moisture. Make sure it’s out of the reach of children and can’t be accessed by any other individual except for the patient or the caretaker of the patient.

Is Oramorph prone to addiction and abuse?

Yes, being an opioid medicine, Oramorph abuse and addiction are two common problems associated with the medicine. Opioids work to alter how our brain perceives and responds to pain, sometimes causing a feeling of euphoria. This is especially the case for people who use the medicine illicitly or use it in higher than prescribed doses or strengths.

For patients who are prescribed Oramorph, the chances of Oramorph addiction increase when the patients either take it for a long time (beyond the course) or take it in higher doses. This is why dosage is such an important factor to monitor when administering an opioid medicine.

Since Opioids have an intoxicating effect on people, Oramorph abuse is also common. People find various illegal means of buying and using Oramorph or other opioid medicines.

What are the slang names for Oramorph?

Today, opioid abuse among young adults and teens is becoming a growing concern. Opioid medicines are available both online and in places where drugs are sold illicitly on the black market. People who buy these drugs use slang names for the drugs which make the whole process of purchase more discreet. Knowing these slang names also helps family members become aware of a possible chance of drug abuse in the home. Here’s a list of some of the common slang names used for Oramorph:

  • White Lady
  • Salt and Sugar
  • Miss Emma
  • M

What is Oramorph withdrawal?

When patients take Oramorph over a long time period, they develop Oramorph dependence. The brain becomes used to the influence of Oramorph, and when the bloodstream doesn’t have enough of the drug in it, people experience certain unpleasant effects. This is called Oramorph withdrawal. While patients sometimes experience Oramorph withdrawal side-effects at the end of their prescribed, people who are abuse  the drug can build tolerance and develop an addiction, which can cause both physical and emotional side-effects.

Withdrawal effects become hard to deal with for patients who start abusing Oramorph and use it even after their course ends. This is also the case for people who take opioid drugs for recreational purposes. After a certain point, a single dose of Oramorph wouldn’t be able to get the person high. When this happens, people start increasing the dose to reach the same effect they used to feel. More and more of the drug makes it into the bloodstream, and when they stop taking Oramorph, they experience withdrawal symptoms. Some common Oramorph withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Muscle aches
  • Runny nose
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Nausea

Initial withdrawal effects may be mild, at first. However, when you don’t take the medicine for a few days, the symptoms can get worse and cause a relapse. This is one of the reasons why people should use Oramorph wisely. Stopping the medication all of a sudden increases the chances of Oramorph withdrawal side-effects. This is why even doctors, instead of suddenly stopping the course, decrease the doses gradually so that the patient doesn’t experience these dreadful withdrawal symptoms.

How to deal with Oramorph addiction.

Whether it’s the patient or people who buy Oramorph to get high, Oramorph addiction can lead to tolerance as well as overdose of the medicine. Also, as already mentioned, an overdose can have serious consequences, including death. This makes it important to address and treat any opioid addiction before it gets out of hand.

Oramorph addiction has many sides to it. Once a person gets hooked, the dependence that is created is on both a mental and physical level. This makes the treatment an intense and complicated process. While the physical withdrawal symptoms can be reduced using medicines that are prescribed for the purpose, mental symptoms can be dealt with the help of therapy. Therapy aims at fixing the thought process associated with addiction and, as a result, the kind of behavior an addict would display. Due to this complex nature of Oramorph addiction treatment, it’s always recommended to seek professional help.

What is Oramorph rehab?

Oramorph rehab refers to the kind of setting wherein a patient is supposed to undergo detox and then complete a course of treatment in a residential setting. The rehab treatment can last for either 30 days or  60 days or more, based on the patient’s situation as well as the extent to which they are addicted.

Oramorph rehab, like rehab for any opioid addiction needs a very systematic approach to not only break the vicious cycle of quitting and relapsing. It’s also very important that through the treatment solution that is designed, the patient should not just receive temporary relief but should be able to live a life free of opioid drugs permanently.

How does Oramorph rehab help?

The Oramorph rehab solution gives patients a very stable environment where they feel encouraged and motivated to work on their addiction problems. Being with various other addiction patients and seeing them work towards the same goal makes them feel at ease.

Residential Oramorph rehab also makes it easier to monitor behavioralal changes in patients as well as see how they respond to the therapy and overall treatment. Health professionals can monitor the patient’s behavior on a daily basis, and it can also be ensured that the patient doesn’t succumb to taking opioids again. Thus, Oramorph rehab makes complete sense to deal with opioid addiction.

There are many types of rehab centers based on factors, such as amenities provided and price range. However, when making the decision, you should also look for one that specializes in treating patients that have an opioid addiction. Opioid addiction is different from many other addictions, such as alcohol addiction. Therefore, expertise in specifically providing therapy and Oramorph addiction help is very important to consider if you expect the best chances of cure and least chances of relapse.


Doctors prescribe Oramorph when they see that it has maximum chances of helping in the treatment of the patient and the benefits outweigh its possible side-effects. When you follow the instructions of your doctor and take it while keeping all precautions in mind, Oramorph can be quite useful. However, the problem with the medicine starts when you overlook the precautionary instructions and slide into a cycle of dependence, addiction, and withdrawal symptoms. While it’s true that many patients who develop opioid addiction or people who intentionally become engage in Oramorph abuse can still be helped, prevention is definitely easier than cure.

If you’re suffering from addiction and dependence, there is still hope with Oramorph rehab. Today, many insurance companies cover rehab expenses, and there is also an increased awareness in people to view addiction without prejudice. These societal changes are good for patients who always fear being stigmatized by society. If you choose the right rehab center, residential rehabilitation can help you develop life skills and be more aware of the social norms so as to avoid any future chances of sliding into the habit of taking opioid medicines for recreational purposes.

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