Luxury Rehab Guide for Opana ER Addiction

By The Fix staff 08/05/19

Questions about Opana ER? Use this helpful guide to find answers.

luxury opana er rehab

1. What is Opana ER and What Is It Used For?
2. How is Opana ER Taken?
3. What Are the Precautions You Must Take?
4. What Are Opana ER Interactions?
5. Can Opana ER Cause Addiction and Abuse?
6. What Are the Slang Names for Opana ER?
7. Does Opana ER Cause Withdrawal Symptoms?
8. What’s the Withdrawal Duration for Opana ER?
9. How to Deal With Opana ER Addiction
10. How Does Opana ER Rehab Help?
11. What is Opana ER Rehab Treatment Like?
12. What Happens After Rehab Treatment?
13. Are Rehab Facilities Costly?

What is Opana ER and What Is It Used For?

Opana ER is a medicine that is prescribed for severe pain. ER stands for extended release and the medication provides long-lasting relief from pain. Opana ER is an opioid (narcotic) analgesics. Opioid analgesics work by influencing how our brains perceive pain, effectively reducing pain while under the influence of the drug.

Opana ER is an extended release version of oxymorphone hydrochloride. This extended-release form of oxymorphone is not supposed to be used for general aches and pains. It’s not a painkiller that should be used occasionally, like aspirin to deal with pain. It is a much more potent pain reliever and for this reason, Opana ER is only available when you have a prescription from your doctor.

How is Opana ER Taken?

Before you use Opana ER, it’s important to go through the medication guide that is provided by the pharmacist. Opana ER is available in tablet form and is taken orally with water. You’re supposed to take this medicine at least a couple of hours after you have your meals. Generally, the doctor will direct you to take one tablet every 12 hours.

This tablet is supposed to be swallowed whole for the desired effects. Breaking it into pieces, dissolving, or crushing the tablet may reduce its effectiveness. Furthermore, this medication should be stored in a dry place. Do not take the tablet if it’s wet or partially disolved by moisture. It’s recommended to take one tablet at a time with a full glass of water. If you experience nausea, it’s advised to lie down for a couple of hours after taking the tablet. If the feeling still persists, talk to your doctor about it.

What Are the Precautions You Must Take?

When taking an opioid analgesic like Opana ER, you’re supposed to take certain precautions to make sure you’re using the medicine with a minimum of risks. Here’s a list of precautions you should take if you have been prescribed Opana ER.

  • If you’re prescribed other opioid painkillers along with Opana ER, make sure you ask your doctor about how to take the medications in a way that is safe for you. Sometimes, there are unwanted side effects that happen due to the interaction with other medications, so it’s best to consult your doctor to avoid any complications.
  • Only take this medication in the doses that have been prescribed in order to avoid Opana ER overdose or an underdose of the drug, which might make it less effective. In case of symptoms of an overdose, like difficulty in breathing, call 911. An overdose can also cause a slow heartbeat and can result in a coma.
  • Sharing the medicine with others is unsafe and against the law. Make sure that if you have been prescribed Opana ER, you’re the only person who uses it. Keep it out of reach of children and others.
  • Use the medication only for as long as the course lasts. Stop taking Opana ER as soon as your doctor asks you to do so. Once the course is over, don’t take Opana ER for any other reason without talking to your doctor first.
  • If you miss a dose, it’s advised that you take the medication as soon as you remember. However, if it’s almost time for the next dose, wait for the next dose instead of double dosing Opana ER.
  • Discuss your medical history with the doctor to see if you’re allergic to the medicine or any ingredients in the medicine. Furthermore, tell your doctor about the medicines you already are taking. This will help in ensuring Opana ER doesn’t interact with other medicines and cause side effects.

What Are Opana ER Interactions?

It’s important to know what other medications Opana ER might interact with because interactions with other medications may change the way Opana ER works, or even increase the risks of severe side effects. In order to know exactly what Opana ER interacts with and if it’s safe for you to take, it’s best to talk to your doctor.

It’s especially important to note that Opana ER can interact with medications that contain alcohol, and can make the side effects even worse. This is why it’s better to talk to your doctor when you’re supposed to take any cough syrup or other medicine that contains alcohol. Don’t consume alcohol when you’re using Opana ER, as that can be a dangerous combination.

Opana ER may also interact with other opioid drugs. If you use cannabis, make it a point to talk to your doctor about that, as well. It’s also recommended that patients taking Opana ER avoid driving, operating heavy machinery and other tasks that require focus while taking the drug.

Can Opana ER Cause Addiction and Abuse?

Since Opana ER is an opioid drug, it has the potential to cause Opana ER addiction and abuse. This is why it’s a prescription drug, and it’s illegal to acquire the medication without a prescription. Opana ER influences our brain and interacts with certain receptors in ways that cause a feeling of euphoria. Over time, users develop a tolerance. This is why doctors advise not to use this medicine for extended periods of time.

The most common instances of Opana ER abuse are seen in existing patients who take the medication for a particular health condition, but continue taking the medication once that condition is resolved. Patients are supposed to be educated about how addiction and abuse associated with Opana ER can be a serious problem to them and the people around them. This knowledge can possibly reduce the chances of patients developing an addiction to the medicine or abusing it.

Opana ER can also be abused by people who have an addiction to opioid substances or have a hard time resisting the effects of opioid drugs. Since opioid drugs cause intoxication, abusers also purchase Opana ER and other opioid analgesics illegally to get that high feeling. Furthermore, these drugs have become quite easily accessible to anyone because of online and offline sellers.

What Are the Slang Names for Opana ER?

Some common street or slang names for Opana ER and other medicines that contain oxymorphone are: blue heaven, blues, O, biscuits, new blues, pink heaven, pink lady, and pink O. Knowing the common slang names makes it easier for people to be aware of possible illicit purchase of addictive medications, like opioid analgesics.

When a doctor detects that the patient doesn’t need Opana ER anymore, he will stop prescribing the medicine. When that happens with patients who are addicted to the medication, it might give way to Opana ER abuse and buying them on the black market. Illicit purchase of such drugs has risen, and it has become one of the top addiction-related issues for many young people.

Opana ER abuse and addiction only gets worse with time. If a loved one is purchasing Opana ER illegally, you may be able to intervene before it becomes a bigger problem.

Does Opana ER Cause Withdrawal Symptoms? 

Physical dependence on Opana ER is not only seen in people who illegally acquire it but also in patients who use it for an extended period of time. When Opana ER interacts with our brain, makes it to the bloodstream and alters the mood; our body gets used to it after prolonged use. This causes Opana ER dependence. And when that happens, patients who suddenly stop taking the drug experience withdrawal effects. Here’s a list of the common withdrawal symptoms of Opana ER.

  • Overall weakness
  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Backache
  • Muscle pain
  • Runny nose
  • Vomiting
  • Hypertension
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Anorexia

For people who start taking Opana ER without a prescription for recreational purposes, Opana ER withdrawal symptoms are not just limited to the body. They also experience emotional withdrawal symptoms, like anxiety and depression. This is when people develop Opana ER dependence and start increasing the doses to meet their high tolerance levels of the drug.

In cases where a person has developed a dependency, doctors don’t recommend stopping the medication all of a sudden. They generally reduce the dose, and gradually, as the body gets used to low doses, the doctor would then ask the patient to stop taking the medication completely. However, one major issue with abusers who buy it for non-medical use is that they may have a limited idea about what the long-term consequences can be or how the withdrawal effects can be minimized.

So, they keep taking the medication and develop a tolerance for it, which leads them to need higher doses as time passes. Now, when they try to kick the habit, they experience Opana ER withdrawal symptoms that are very hard to deal with. Therefore, they are then forced to take the medication just so that they can escape the withdrawal effects.

What’s the Withdrawal Duration for Opana ER?

Opana ER withdrawal effects might take a couple of days to reach their peak and might last for about a week or so. During early withdrawal, a person may experience anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia as well as cravings. However, over time, as late withdrawal takes effect after a few days of stopping the drug, the person would experience nausea, body aches and cramps and intense flu-like symptoms. This is when the person usually has the most intense craving for the drug and they run the highest risk of relapse.

The intensity of withdrawal symptoms depend on a number of factors. If the patient has a history of previous addictions or is genetically vulnerable to opioid addiction, Opana ER withdrawal side effects can be very hard to deal with. This also makes the detox process a long and arduous one. While for some, the length of the detox could be short, some may take a long time and have great difficulty.

How to Deal With Opana ER Addiction

Since Opana ER addiction encompasses a number of issues, like withdrawal effects, abuse, and Opana ER dependence, it becomes important to seek immediate help as soon as the person is diagnosed in order to understand their addiction so they can take appropriate action.

When withdrawal symptoms are severe this often force the user to take the medicine in order to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. This increases the tolerance for Opana ER and may even cause an overdose, which can be life threatening. This makes professional intervention inevitable in most cases. So, if you wonder how you can recover from Opana ER addiction, going to a mental health professional can be the best solution.

This can be anything--from seeking therapy to attending an Opana ER rehab center for a certain period of time. A mental health professional will have the right knowledge about the severity of the problem, thus making it easier to deal with the addiction than when you fight it all alone.

How Does Opana ER Rehab Help?

Opana ER rehab is a great solution for opioid addiction. Opioid addiction is such a complex thing that it usually needs a very systematic approach to deal with every aspect of it to help the patient work through the addiction and live a normal life. This often becomes easier after some time in a residential rehab setting.

Opioid addicts frequently need a very secure environment that gives them hope of recovery. Whether it’s a patient with a history of addiction who has relapsed or a new addict, a stable environment can protect the patient from any temptations when they experience drug cravings. 

Furthermore, people can find it easier to deal with the problem when they live with more people who are facing the same problem. And this is exactly what Opana ER rehab offers.

What is Opana ER Rehab Treatment Like?

When we talk about the Opana ER addiction help process, it all starts with a detox process. The detox aims at flushing out all the remnants of drugs from the body of the patient so that as they enter the rehab center, their system is clean and free from addictive substances. The length of the detox varies for patients. Once the detox is over, the patient is sent to the Opana ER rehab facility for further treatment.

In the rehab center, the patient receives therapy that is suitable for his personality and the severity of his addiction to opioids. Moreover, as the patient receives therapy, he is monitored to see what kind of changes take place in his thought process and, subsequently, in his behavior. This helps in making a better assessment of the progress of the patient.

As the patient receives behavioral therapy, there are still withdrawal effects that can demotivate and discourage the patient from recovering. This is why health professionals in the rehab centers also prescribe certain medications that help in reducing Opana ER withdrawal symptoms. As a result, a combination of medication and therapy gradually helps the patient recover.

What Happens After Rehab Treatment?

Once the Opana ER rehab treatment is over, the patient can usually go back to his home and live a normal life. However, the patient should visit the therapist for follow-up sessions so that there are fewer chances of relapse. Along with that, the patient is also trained with life skills so that the life he leads outside rehab becomes easier. The patient needs to know ways to live in a society with strong coping mechanisms, since adjusting becomes a challenge for people who receive rehab treatment.

Are Rehab Facilities Costly?

If you wonder what the costs involved are in getting rehab treatment, it’s not always a cheap affair. You can find very basic rehab centers that offer therapy and simply meet the needs of a person; you can also come across luxurious rehab centers that give the patient the comfort of five-star amenities along with medical attention. However, both vary in terms of price.

The good news is, many insurance companies now cover mental health treatment in their policies as well. So, it might be helpful for you to contact your insurance company and see if they would cover Opana ER rehab expenses. However, remember that luxuries and amenities are not what matters the most. Make sure that the rehab center you choose specializes in treating opioid addiction specifically. There are different kinds of addictions, and all aren't the same. While some therapists have the knack of working with opioid addicts, some may do better dealing with alcoholics. So, it would be better to conduct proper research and make sure you’re making the right decision, prioritizing recovery and your health over everything else.

Bottom Line

Opana ER is a useful medication when you follow the instructions of your doctor and take it in the proper doses. However, the problem starts when people start abusing the medication and acquire it without a prescription, not realizing the seriousness of Opana ER addiction. Ever since people have become increasingly aware of mental health issues, it has become a little easier for opioid addicts to seek help and recover from their addiction.

If you have started taking an opioid analgesic recently, it’s very important to know what precautions you should be taking and address the early signs of withdrawal and addiction. This will help you avoid a bigger challenge. 

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