What Are the Best Rehab Options for Norco Addiction?

By The Fix staff 05/29/19

Do you want to know more about Norco? Read our guide to know more about Norco's uses, side effects, symptoms of abuse, and how to find the best luxury Norco treatment.

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Table of Contents

1. What is Norco and What is it Used for?
2. What are Other Names for Norco?
3. Norco Abuse Can Lead to Addiction and Norco Rehab
4. Norco Side Effects and Risks
5. Do You Need Norco Rehab?
6. How Long Does Norco Stay in Your System? Norco Rehab and Withdrawal
7. Norco Rehab Must Begin with Detox
8. Choose a Norco Rehab with Medical Care
9. Selecting the Best Norco Rehab for You

Norco rehab may be necessary if you have become addicted to this dangerous opioid and narcotic drug. While Norco does have medical uses, it is also a highly addictive painkiller. Even if you have not misused it, dependence is possible with regular use.

To find the best rehab for Norco addiction, consider all the important factors: what it will cost, what your insurance will cover, where it is located, if you need outpatient or inpatient care, and the quality and variety of the staff and treatment services. An opioid use disorder is tough to beat, but when you better understand how this drug affects you and how addiction is treated, recovery is achievable.

What is Norco and What is it Used for?

Opioid drugs are narcotics that come from the natural compounds found in the opium poppy. Some, like morphine and codeine, are natural and come directly from poppies, while others are synthesized based on these substances. Norco is a combination of the synthetic opioid hydrocodone and the over-the-counter painkiller acetaminophen.

Norco is a brand name for this particular combination of painkillers. It is prescribed to manage pain that is severe and that is not controlled well by other, non-opioid pain relievers. As an opioid, Norco effects include euphoria, relaxation, and sleepiness in addition to pain relief. These drugs are depressants and act to slow brain activity while also changing how the brain responds to pain stimuli.

What are Other Names for Norco?

There are several other brand names for hydrocodone/acetaminophen combination drugs. Norco is just one. Others include:

Illicitly sold and used Norco may also go by a number of different street names. Many of these can refer to any brand or generic form of an opioid narcotic:

  • Captain Cody
  • Cody
  • Schoolboy
  • Loads
  • Monkey
  • White Stuff
  • Doors and Fours
  • China Girl
  • China White
  • Tango and Cash
  • Goodfella
  • Dance Fever
  • Dillies
  • Juice

Norco Abuse Can Lead to Addiction and Norco Rehab

Norco addiction help and rehab may become necessary if you misuse this drug. Hydrocodone is highly susceptible to abuse and extremely habit-forming. Using it without a prescription, or with a prescription but more often and in larger doses than recommended, is considered abuse, and this can easily lead to an addiction.

The Drug Enforcement Administration moved hydrocodone combination products like Norco up on the controlled substances schedule from III to II in 2014. The move reflected how addictive the drug is, even when combined with the less harmful substance acetaminophen. Schedule II drugs have medical uses but are considered very risky because of addiction and the risk of side effects and overdose.

Norco Side Effects and Risks

Addiction is not the only risk and danger of misusing Norco, although it is an important one. There is also a risk of experiencing side effects. Some of the more common but uncomfortable Norco effects are mood swings, anxiety, a rash, lightheadedness, sleepiness, difficulty thinking, constipation, and difficulty urinating. Misuse of Norco can also increase the risk of more serious side effects like:

  • Slow, difficult breathing
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Agitation and confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Fever
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Loss of coordination
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Tightness in the chest

The more you misuse Norco, the bigger doses you take with greater frequency, the bigger the risk of side effects is. They can be worse too, causing serious physical and mental health harm.

A Norco overdose is also a risk you run when misusing this drug. The risk is increased with larger doses and if you combine it with alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, sedatives, or other opioids. All of these substances have similar effects on brain activity and breathing, and the additive combination can lead more quickly to a fatal overdose. Signs of overdose include:

  • Pale, clammy, even bluish tinted skin
  • Limp body and unresponsiveness
  • Very slow, shallow breathing or breathing that has stopped
  • Vomiting and gurgling
  • Loss of consciousness

An opioid overdose can quickly become fatal, so these signs should be treated as a medical emergency. Get help right away to reverse the overdose. There is an antidote medication, but it has to be administered in time.

Do You Need Norco Rehab?

Norco addiction symptoms may be able to tell you if you have developed an addiction and if you need rehab and treatment. Opioid use disorders are diagnosed based on 11 behaviors. If you have just a few of these you may have become addicted already.

  • Use of Norco is out of control. You want to stop or slow down but can’t.
  • You regularly take more than you wanted to or had planned to.
  • Cravings for Norco are strong.
  • Your time is increasingly spent on drug use or getting more drugs.
  • Norco use leaves you with less time for activities you once enjoyed or engaged in often.
  • Your drug use also leaves you with less time for responsibilities, which are not being met.
  • Relationships with people you care about are damaged because of drug use.
  • You continue using Norco even though you know it is harming you physically or mentally.
  • You use Norco in dangerous situations.
  • Tolerance has built up so that you need greater amounts of Norco or more frequent doses to get high or to feel normal.
  • You go through withdrawal when not using.

If you can relate to two or more of these criteria, you need rehab. You need professional treatment to help get over substance abuse before it’s too late and Norco causes real harm and more lasting consequences.

How Long Does Norco Stay in Your System? Norco Rehab and Withdrawal

The time it takes for Norco to leave your system will vary depending on your health status, how long you have been misusing the drug, and the amount of the drug you last took. Generally, though, you will begin to feel the effects of withdrawal about 12 hours from the last dose. As the drug leaves your brain and is flushed from the body, you will go through a number of uncomfortable Norco withdrawal effects.

Most of the drug should leave your body in a day or two, but your brain will still be trying to adjust. This means withdrawal can actually last for several days to weeks. Some of the Norco withdrawal side effects that you may experience are:

  • Agitation, anxiety
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Dilated pupils
  • Insomnia
  • Goosebumps and chills
  • Nausea
  • Runny nose
  • Sweating more than usual
  • Tearing
  • Vomiting
  • Yawning excessively

Withdrawal from Norco is not fun, and the risk is that it will lead you to relapse. This is why, although the Norco addiction side effects of withdrawal are not inherently dangerous, you should go through it with someone there to support you.

Norco Rehab Must Begin with Detox

If you have become addicted and experience withdrawal that keeps you going back to the drug, detox is your first step in Norco rehab. You have to detox, or go through the withdrawal process, before you can focus on treatment. Most treatment programs will not accept you until you have finished detoxing and are no longer using the drug.

You may find a treatment program or rehabilitation center, like Cliffside Malibu, that will offer detox as an intake service. This is a good idea if you are worried that you cannot successfully detox without relapsing. An alternative is to seek the services of a facility that only offers supervised detox. Once you have completed that process, you will be ready to enter rehab and a full treatment program.

Choose a Norco Rehab with Medical Care

When selecting your Norco addiction treatment, make sure you choose a facility that includes medical care. Opioid drugs like Norco cause severe dependence, and sometimes medications are needed to support treatment and recovery. Three drugs are approved to treat and manage opioid addiction.

Of these, two are opioid agonists. Buprenorphine and methadone act like opioids but to a lesser extent. So they can support recovery by managing withdrawal and reducing cravings. The third, naltrexone, is an opioid antagonist. It blocks the normal effects of an opioid like Norco. If you are on naltrexone and relapse, you’ll get no effects from Norco.

The use of one or more medications to manage opioid addiction is proven to be a part of overall effective treatment. There is no reason to settle for a rehab that won’t provide these medicines. However, it is also important to remember that medication alone cannot cure Norco addiction. You also need therapy and supportive services.

Selecting the Best Norco Rehab for You

As long as you choose a rehab facility that offers Norco addiction help with medical care, expert staff, and extensive, long-term therapy, you should be in good hands. With these basic requirements met, you can choose a treatment program that best meets your needs.

For instance, some programs provide treatment on an outpatient basis. If you want to live at home or need to continue with home or work responsibilities, this may be a good option. If you have a severe addiction, though, residential care is a better choice. This will provide you with a safe environment, a risk-free place to avoid relapse, and an intensive level of treatment.

Other factors to consider include a good location for treatment, a price you can afford, and staff members and a facility that you like. You should feel comfortable wherever you choose to get treatment. A reputable program will let you meet the staff and ask questions before you commit to intake.

The most important thing you can do in the face of addiction to Norco is ask for help. Rely on someone you trust if you don’t know what to do next or are struggling with the choice of rehab. As long as you get care and treatment, you have a chance at recovery and a better future.

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