Top Luxury Rehab Options for MS Contin Addiction

By The Fix staff 07/14/19

Use this guide to find valuable information about MS Contin and some advice on how to find the best treatment options.

luxury ms contin rehab

1. What is MS Contin?
2. What are the slang terms for MS Contin?
3. How is MS Contin administered?
4. Can MS Contin interact with other medication?
5. How does use evolve into MS Contin abuse?
6. Some of the symptoms of MS Contin abuse
What are the signs of MS Contin withdrawal?
8. What are the factors that influence MS Contin withdrawal?
9. MS Contin rehab and Treatment
10. How can you pay for your MS Contin treatment?
11. Should you stay near or at your rehab center?

What is MS Contin?

When it comes to painkillers, opioids are the strongest ones. They work by triggering the opioid receptors in the body, including the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. These receptors then reduce the pain messages sent to the brain. Opioids are taken to treat moderate and severe pain that is caused due to injuries and terminal diseases like Cancer. Morphine sulphate is one of the many variants of Morphine, and it’s specially formulated to treat pain (chronic or constant) and sold under the brand name, MS Contin. MS Contin can be used to treat ongoing pain that occurs throughout the day, so it's considered a long term and long-acting pain medication. It can be used along with other pain medication to treat critical pain. 

What are the slang terms for MS Contin?

Slang terms or street names are given to drugs that are strictly regulated and sold illegally, even though they are not meant for recreational use. Slang terms are code words used by dealers so that they don't get caught by the authorities for carrying out these illegal activities. Medical professionals need to be aware of slang terms because it will help them treat the patient in case of an MS Contin overdose. Some of the popular terms that are used are:

  • White lady
  • Salt and Sugar 
  • Miss Emma/M

How is MS Contin administered?

MS Contin can only be purchased at a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.. It's essential that you follow the advice and dosage properly because MS Contin can cause dependency which can lead to addiction. 

The painkiller is available in capsule and tablet forms. This is a time-released medication which is absorbed by the body gradually over the day. It's available in a variety of doses. Your doctor will consult with you to determine the exact dose that needs to be taken, and the schedule of your doses as well. You can take MS Contin with or without food. If you’re opting for the tablet forms, then you must swallow it whole. Avoid breaking, chewing or crushing the tablets because then you can run a risk of destroying the time-release coating. This can lead to overdosing on the medication. If you’re having trouble swallowing the tablet, you can ask for capsules instead. 

Unlike the tablet, the capsules can be opened and the contents can be mixed into applesauce or pudding, but the beads that are being mixed into the food items should not be crushed. The mixture should be swallowed whole, and it should not be chewed. 

The medication will begin working within 2 to 4 hours of consumption, and reach peak effects with 15 hours. The effects can last for a few days because the painkiller is designed in a way that it produces long-lasting and consistent relief. 

You have to ensure that you take the exact dose prescribed by your doctor, at the time mentioned to avoid overdose. 

Can MS Contin interact with other medication?

Before being prescribed MS Contin, you have to tell your doctor what other medications you are already taking. This way your doctor can determine if the painkiller could negatively interact with the medicines that you're currently taking. If you don't consult with a professional about drug interactions, then you are risking serious side effects. For starters, you can list out all your medication, and keep track of your current health status. Then, you can share it with your doctor and pharmacist, it's best that you don't adjust the dosage of any medication until you have your doctor's approval. 

Some medicines that will interact with MS Contin:

  • Pentazocine
  • Nalbuphine 
  • Butorphanol 

Avoid taking this painkiller with other medicines that can cause extreme sleepiness and shallow breathing because there will be severe side effects that are caused when MS Contin is paired with these meds. It's essential that you check the labels on your medicines and consult with your pharmacist. 

How does use evolve into MS Contin abuse?

At times, even if you follow the doctor's orders, there are chances you will develop a dependency  on this drug. If this dependency gets out of hand, it can escalate into addiction. This is due to the fact that MS Contin is a powerful opioid, and when it's taken for a long time, your body tends to develop a tolerance. This means that you no longer feel its effects like before, so more of the drug is needed to achieve the desired effect. This often leads to the first stage towards addiction, manipulating the dose without consulting your doctor. Once you get that ball rolling, it becomes nearly impossible to stop, and this is where MS Contin addiction symptoms begin to show. 

Some of the symptoms of MS Contin abuse

  • Obsession with finding and consuming the drug 
  • Craving it, even when it's not your dose schedule
  • Losing any interest in having a social life or maintaining social relationships 
  • Loss of appetite 

What are the signs of MS Contin withdrawal?

Withdrawal happens as soon as you stop taking a drug. It’s a process of detoxification that your body goes through, wherein it tries to adjust its chemical balance to a normal state (before your addiction.) The withdrawal process is not easy, and it can be painful and difficult. Because MS Contin is a fast acting drug, the symptoms of MS Contin withdrawal will start showing up within 6-12 hours of your last dose. Now, the more severe the addiction, the more severe the withdrawal. The withdrawal for MS Contin comes in two stages, and the first stage will include signs like constant yawning, profusely sweating, and a runny nose. Serious withdrawal symptoms occur in the second stage; they occur within 42 hours. Serious withdrawal symptoms include:

>> Trembling 

>> Goosebumps

>> High blood pressure 

>> Muscle ache

>> Increase heart rate 

>> Sleep deprivation

>> Drug craving

>> Depression 

>> Anxiety 

>> Nausea 

>> Diarrhea

>> No Appetite 

>> A bad case of the flu

What are the factors that influence MS Contin withdrawal?

The Detox process for MS Contin will usually last for 5-7 days; of course, this is a general figure. The amount of time can vary depending on the severity of the addiction and the way your body responses to the detoxification process. Some of the factors that influence withdrawal are as follows:

Duration and amount 

If you use large amounts of Morphine for a long time consistently, the chances of getting addicted are quite high. 


Personal or hereditary health conditions can affect the way your body responds to addiction and withdrawal. Other biological factors can also attribute a person's drug dependence. 

Other medical issues

If you have any medical problems that are causing an impact on drug dependence, it can influence the withdrawal and treatment impact as well. 

Environmental factors 

Stress, peer pressure, and social environment can also contribute to addiction and withdrawal symptoms. 

MS Contin rehab and Treatment

When you are searching for addiction treatment, it's essential that you have a well-thought-out plan. Rehabilitation begins with detox. The detoxification process requires professional care, counseling, and medication. Rehab is a great place to get the help you need. Many rehabilitation centers will provide you with facilities and guidance that will help you get better.

When you check into an MS Contin rehab center, you will be legally required to abide by the privacy laws and the privacy of the center, and this means that any information that is shared within rehab should stay at rehab and not be discussed with anyone from the outside world. This rule is enacted to protect the privacy of the other patients as well. 

What does the rehab process include?

The rehab process will include the following stages:

Stage One- Intake:

This is the starting point of your journey towards recovery, and here, you will have to contact the rehab center and enroll in the facility. Treatment facilities are aware of the overwhelming thought difficulty that patients go through when they want to admit themselves. So, they make the enrollment process as quick and comforting as possible because the last thing they want to do is overpower or intimidate the patient. All you have to do is contact the admission center and book your Treatment.

Stage Two- Admission and Assessment:

When you enter the facility for the first time, you have to go through an administrative process. Here, you will be asked basic questions about your lifestyle. They will also insure you do not enter the facility with forbidden items like drugs, alcohol, or weapons. The intake process serves as an orientation for new patients, and they are introduced to the facility and the staff. This process is to reassure the patient that the treatment center is a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Stage Three- Detoxification:

The detoxification process permits your body to eliminate any toxins that are present from your addiction. This process will lead to withdrawal, and as your body begins to adjust and balance itself chemically, you will feel a certain amount of discomfort and pain which can be mitigated with certain medications. The staff at the rehab center will make your detox process as comfortable as they can, and help you through this tough time. Usually, the withdrawal symptoms will last about a week. Once the detox is done, the patient feels better and calmer. You will be ready to heal yourself physically and mentally once your system is clean.

Stage Four- Therapy:

Once the detox stage is complete, you're now prepared for inpatient care. During this stage, there will be many single and group therapy sessions and services that will help you in the short and long run. During this stage, you will identify your triggers, learn how to handle them and avoid relapsing, and achieve long term sobriety.

Stage Five- Recovery Program:

The recovery program or aftercare service takes place when you leave the rehab center. This is done because stepping back into the real world after an intensive rehabilitation can be quite overwhelming and it can trigger you into a relapse. Aftercare services will teach you how to handle your daily routine without caving into substance abuse. 

How can you pay for your MS Contin treatment?

Rehabs do not have a standard fee, and they don't all charge the same price for their services. Each facility bases its fees on the services they provide, the quality of its staff and the results they can deliver. Inpatient and residential rehab centers will cost you more than outpatient rehab centers, and this is because the patient is always under supervision and professional care. Many rehab centers accept insurance. You will have to contact your insurance provider to find out if your policy covers your treatment plan, and if you have to pay additional fees. 

Should you stay near or at your rehab center?

If you have strong support from your community, then another option might be to go for Outpatient rehab treatment, this way you can stay near the center and visit it only when you are scheduled to receive therapy and medication. However, if you don't live in a stable environment and everything around you triggers your addiction, then the best option might be residential treatment where you will be under constant supervision and medical care. 

The actual recovery begins when you accept that you have a problem. If you know anyone who is dealing with addiction or if you’re experiencing substance abuse, it's best that you consult a professional and get help as soon as possible. 

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