Luxury Meets Cutting Edge Medical Treatment in Provo

By The Fix staff 07/16/19
Clients of this luxury program can expect to receive hospital level care in a spa-like facility.
Group photo of the staff at Ardu Recovery
The team at Ardú

Located in Provo, Utah, Ardú Recovery Center provides luxury detox and residential drug and alcohol treatment services in a gorgeous natural environment just off of Utah Lake. Ardú is a treatment leader in the Utah area. What sets it apart from other facilities is cutting edge medical services. This is a facility that is uniquely tailored to provide treatment to those with complex medical situations that can arise as the result of chronic alcohol/drug use, or other intersecting medical issues that may be complicated by addiction. 

Dr. Blake Rapier, the Assistant Medical Director of the program, offered some insight into what treatment looks like at Ardú. “Ardú provides hospital level care in a spa like facility,” he said. In fact, other treatment facilities in the area depend on Ardú as a go-to resource for cases they are not medically equipped to handle. Dr. Rapier explained that it is understood among the facilities that if a client is referred to Ardú, he or she will be sent back to the referring facility as a professional courtesy. This says a lot about the high standard of care provided by the Ardú staff during the detox process.

Dr. Rapier mentioned some highly complicated cases Ardú has successfully treated. One of these included a case where a patient experiencing organ failure was successfully detoxed and treated. Plenty of other complications that might prevent someone from even being accepted into residential are no problem for the team at Ardú. Other conditions, such as the aforementioned chronic pain, abscesses and shingles, or detoxification cases with unusually high drug levels or blood alcohol content, liver damage or complicated diabetes can all be handled at Ardú. 

It’s true that Ardú does boast some unique medical offerings such as IV Amino Acid Therapy, which isn’t usually a service that most residential treatment centers offer. Dr. Rapier confirmed it can be beneficial in facilitating a quicker and more effective recovery for someone whose body and brain are trying to repair themselves during the early stages of recovery. By properly infusing amino acids, those who have seriously offset the levels of protein and other neurochemicals in the body and brain can achieve physical and mental equilibrium in a smoother and quicker manner. For someone who has made multiple attempts at treatment to no avail, and especially those whose medical issues have caused barriers to achieving sobriety, Ardú may make the difference. Many facilities will not even admit someone whose medical issues are too complex because it is seen as a liability.

While this is a facility that specializes in the medical component of addiction, there are plenty of other unique amenities too. Ardú actually has a epsom salt float tank, a flavored oxygen bar, and an acoustic audio meditation lounge available to those in residential treatment. Some of the other more traditional amenities are yoga and massage.

If you are looking for luxury residential detox or residential drug and alcohol treatment, Ardú Recovery Center is a viable option. This is particularly true for those whose addiction is advanced to the point of manifesting serious medical issues, and perhaps for those who have made numerous attempts at treatment and are looking for something a little bit different—and all this is situated in the beauty of Provo.

To learn more, visit Ardú Recovery Center’s website. Reach the facility by phone at (801) 823-6832 or by email. Find Ardú Recovery Center on Facebook and Instagram

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