Guide to Luxury Rehab for Hycodan Addiction

By The Fix staff 06/23/19

Hycodan is a prescription opioid drug for patients who experience chronic pain. When people develop Hycodan addiction, it’s a matter that needs immediate attention and help.

luxury hycodan rehab

Table of Contents

  1. What is Hycodan?
  2. What are the slang names for Hycodan?
  3. How to take Hycodan
  4. What to know about Hycodan interactions
  5. What is Hycodan abuse?
  6. What are the effects of Hycodan abuse?
  7. What are Hycodan withdrawal symptoms?
  8. How to treat Hycodan addiction
  9. What is rehab and how useful is it?
  10. What are the types of rehab facilities?
  11. What are the stages in residential rehab?
  12. How to choose the right rehab facility


Hycodan is a prescription drug that doctors write for patients who experience chronic pain associated with surgery or some other condition. There are a number of side effects and serious problems associated with Hycodan overdose and abusive use of this drug, which is why it’s only supposed to be used when prescribed.

It’s especially prone to be abused since Hycodan is an opioid. When people develop Hycodan addiction, it’s a matter that needs immediate attention and help. Knowing how to use Hycodan can help minimize the likelihood of Hycodan abuse. Here’s everything that you need to know about using Hycodan, Hycodan addiction, abuse, and how you can help yourself or a loved one who suffers from Hycodan addiction.


Slang names are used for prescription drugs that are taken for recreational purposes. Hycodan, being one such tablet, has many slang names that people use. If you find people saying hydro, Norco, vikes, or Watson-387, they are probably referring to Hycodan. Since there are countless people abusing prescription drugs, it becomes important to know what terms abusers use for these drugs so that the problem can be identified, addressed, and help can be offered to people suffering from the addiction.


Hycodan is a tablet and should be taken orally with water. While Hycodan can be taken with or without food, it’s recommended to be taken after meals if you have an upset stomach as a result of the tablet. Make sure you ask your doctor about the right doses and other instructions about administering this tablet. It’s especially important to stick to the prescribed doses and taking it on time without missing a dose.


Doctors would only prescribe Hycodan if they believe that the benefits you will obtain through the medicine outweigh the side effects. However, there are a few things to know about Hycodan so that you use such drugs wisely and take proper precautions.

First of all, consult your doctor about the use of Hycodan while pregnant. The doctor would only recommend this medication if it’s really required. Upon taking it in high doses, there can be neonatal withdrawal and respiratory depression. Hycodan may even affect the respiration and feeding patterns in individuals. Furthermore, it can also inhibit lactation. This is why you should be observent and make note of any changes so that you can take immediate action when needed.

Hycodan can cause pulmonary and respiratory problems more easily in people over the age of 60. People may even encounter confusion, falls, and delirium. Since Hycodan can interact with other medications, it’s important that your doctor knows what medications you take so that the doctor can make sure if prescribing Hycodan would be problematic as a result of the interaction with other medicines.


When a patient who has been prescribed Hycodan starts taking more than the recommended dose to get high, we call it Hycodan abuse. Besides that, many people have also found ways to buy Hycodan on the black market, or even on the internet. This activity also is considered Hycodan abuse. As people start altering their doses in order to feel the high from it, they slowly get hooked on Hycodan and are soon driven to increase the doses to maintain that pleasure that comes from having Hycodan.

While Hycodan is prescribed by doctors keeping in mind that it can be of great help under certain circumstances, Hycodan addiction and abuse can be a major problem. The biggest problem with Hycodan is that people who abuse this drug can get addicted to it even within a few weeks. This makes it very important to monitor doses of Hycodan and understand how serious Hycodan abuse can be.


Once a person starts abusing this drug as a result of addiction, there are a number of effects that the person might experience. Moreover, as the person develops a tolerance for Hycodan, it can magnify these side effects making it even worse. As a person experiences high tolerance and increased Hycodan dependence, there are more chances of an overdose. This necessitates the need for Hycodan treatment to address the addiction. With that being said, here’s a list of Hycodan effects, both physiological and psychological.

  • Euphoria

  • Drowsiness

  • Constricted pupils

  • Lethargy

  • Anxiety


People who realize they are abusing Hycodan may try to quit at some point by stopping the consumption of the medicine. However, as a person stops consuming Hycodan, he/she would experience physical and psychological Hycodan withdrawal effects, which make it even more difficult to give up on Hycodan completely.

As a person develops Hycodan addiction, they are, emotionally, physically, and mentally attached to it. And on stopping the consumption, they would experience withdrawal symptoms that can be hard to deal with. To give you a better picture of what Hycodan withdrawal symptoms look like, here’s a short list.

  • Restlessness

  • Nausea

  • Muscle pain

  • Bone pain

  • Leg twitches

  • Loss of appetite

  • Diarrhea

  • Runny nose  


Now that you know how severe the withdrawal symptoms of Hycodan addiction can be, you might also realize that self-treatment can be hard. This brings us to the most important question, that is, how can one treat Hycodan addiction and abuse successfully? The answer- you definitely need professional help to get out of the vicious cycle of trying to stop using Hycodan, experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and again taking Hycodan to escape these symptoms.

The battle against Hycodan addiction is not that easy. Hycodan withdrawal effects intimidate patients to the extent that they helplessly continue to dose just because they fear the return of withdrawal symptoms. So, battling the addiction as well as withdrawal symptoms in an effort to get back to normal is not an easy task.

Addiction treatment solutions involve a workable treatment plan that includes therapy and medication coming from expert therapists and other professionals. Even once the patient stops using Hycodan and starts recovering from the addiction post-Hycodan treatment, aftercare is also an important aspect to maintain one's recovery. Therefore, seeking professional help and assistance is highly recommended.


Rehab is a drug addiction treatment program that helps patients address their addiction through abstinence and detoxification, along with professional attention and support. When we talk about Hycodan addiction, pretty much like any opioid addiction, rehabilitation can actually be the most effective form of treatment. There are various types of rehab facilities, from which one can choose what seems best. With that said, here’s a list of types of rehab facilities.



In outpatient treatment, a patient stays in the place of treatment for a few hours in a day or a few days in a week. These sessions that the patient has with the health professionals help in recovery as the patients can return to their normal activities for the most part.


When we talk about inpatient treatment, the patient is admitted in a hospital where he or she undergoes an intensive treatment along with 24/7 monitoring and assistance. These are for those cases that require constant supervision.


Residential rehab treatment is pretty much like inpatient treatment. However, instead of being in a hospital, the patient lives in a non-hospital setting that involves a more holistic approach to treatment and recovery. The patient lives with other patients, health professionals, and health assistants. While the patient is monitored every minute and every hour of the day, the environment of the residential rehab helps in a better recovery of the patient, and thus, is recommended more strongly for Hycodan addiction treatment.


While there’s no certain demarcation between each stage that residential rehabilitation centers follow, we still can divide the whole process into 3 broad stages that help better understand how rehabs work to treat patients.


The first stage is the detox stage, wherein the alcohol or drugs are removed from the system of the patient. This stage helps in making sure that as the patient starts receiving the treatment, he enters the Hycodan rehab center with a clean system, having no drugs or alcohol in the body.


It’s in the second stage of residential rehabilitation that the patient receives the actual therapy. The therapy aims at changing the thought process and behavior associated with addiction and abuse of the drug in the patient. It’s understood what triggers the use of the drug, and the patient receives a well-planned therapy that is designed to study and solve the root problem.

This aims at making sure the patient completes their therapy in the rehabilitation center so they don't feel the need to get back to old habits associated with Hycodan addiction and can live a drug-free life.


Once the therapy for the patient is over, the therapist and other professionals develop an aftercare and follow-up solution for the patient. This solution aims at helping the patient adjust to the world better by developing life skills so that the patient doesn’t feel the urge to relapse and knows how to respond if they do.


While a Hycodan rehab facility can be of great help in dealing with Hycodan withdrawal symptoms and addiction problems, it’s equally important to choose the right rehab center. While you look for a rehab facility for Hycodan addiction treatment, here’s a list of factors you should consider.


There are many rehab centers, and some rehab center specialize in the treatment of specific kinds of addiction. While some may be good for alcohol addiction, you might not want to go to the same rehab center for heroin addiction. Look for a rehab center that not only specializes in opioid addiction treatment but also has a positive record of accomplishment and success rate.


Every rehab center has its own set of therapies and treatment models that they use. While certain types of therapies can be the best possible solution for one patient, it may not be as helpful for another patient. The effectiveness of therapies varies based on the personality of the patient. Thus, it would be better to do a bit of research about therapies for opioid addiction and see what you find out.

Based on a few therapies that you think can be helpful, talk to the therapists in rehab centers, and see if they provide those therapies. You can also seek the opinion of a psychologist or therapist in order to help you find a suitable rehab center.


Since residential rehab centers would require the patient to stay in the center for as long as the program goes on for, it’s important to choose a rehab that provides amenities that are close to the patient’s standard of living.

While there are many rehab centers that offer very basic amenities, there are also many rehab centers that offer amenities that match that of five-star hotels. Based on what would keep you comfortable and help you get rid of your addiction conveniently, you can choose the right rehab for yourself in terms of amenities.


It’s also important to look for a rehab center that does not burn a hole in your pocket. Rehabilitation facilities can be costly based on the amenities they provide and the kind of treatments they give. So, it would be better if you match all these factors with one big factor- your budget. Many health insurance policies also cover rehab expenses. So, you can also check with your insurance company to see if you can meet the expenses with the help of your policy. 

That everything you need to know about Hycodan, its addiction, and how to seek Hycodan addiction help when needed. If you or someone you know suffers from Hycodan addiction or addiction to any other drug, it’s important to seek immediate medical help.

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