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By The Fix staff 06/07/19

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Table of Contents

1. What Is Embeda And What Is It Used For?
2. How Is Embeda Taken?
3. What are the Precautions to Be Taken?
4. Does Embeda Cause Addiction and Abuse?
5. What Are The Street Names for Embeda?
6. What Is Embeda Withdrawal?
7. How to Treat Embeda Addiction?
8. Can Embeda Rehab Help?
9. What Are the Embeda Rehab Expenses Like?
10. Bottom Line

What Is Embeda And What Is It Used For?

Embeda is used for treating severe, long-term pain where other medications don’t have much effect. It contains two active ingredients- morphine and naltrexone. While morphine is an opioid analgesic, naltrexone is an opioid antagonist. Morphine acts to reduce the pain by altering how our brain perceives and responds to the stimulus. Since Embeda contains morphine, there are chances that it can be abused by the user. However, to prevent that from happening, the opioid antagonist- naltrexone is used.

Embeda is a prescription drug, which means you can only access the drug when a doctor has given permission. A doctor will assess a patient to see if there’s a need for this medication. If the benefits outweigh the chances of side-effects, the doctors prescribed the medicine. It’s not supposed to be taken without a prescription. Furthermore, Embeda is not for occasional pain, mild pain, or the kind of pain that you generally experience from time to time. It is prescribed for severe pain that requires a more heavy duty drug to relieve the discomfort.

How Is Embeda Taken?

Embeda is supposed to be taken orally with water. You can have Embeda without having meals. However, if you experience nausea or vomiting, you should have the medicine after meals and lie down for one or two hours after taking the medication. If the symptoms still persist, you can talk to your doctor to see what can be done to reduce the symptoms. Generally, this medication is either taken once every 12 hours or once every 24 hours. Make sure you take the medicine in the right doses as prescribed by your doctor; otherwise complications can arise.

Embeda is available in capsule form. It’s supposed to be swallowed without being crushed, broken, or dissolved in water. Doing so, or snorting the content in the capsule can cause an Embeda overdose which can lead to death.

What Are The Precautions To Be Taken?

When you take Embeda, it’s recommended to take proper precautions so that there are no side-effects or serious consequences. Here’s a list of some precautions that you must consider when having Embeda.

  • Talk to your doctor about your medical history, any existing health problems, and the medicines that you’re currently on. This will help in avoiding interaction between Embeda and the other medicines. You should also tell your doctor if you’re taking any other opioid medicines.
  • Your doctor would prescribe Embeda in low doses and strength initially. When required, the doctor may increase the dosage of Embeda. This will be done gradually to make sure that there are no side-effects. The highest dose of Embeda is 100 mg. This is only prescribed when the patient has already been taking moderate doses of Embeda. For new patients, Embeda in high doses can cause an overdose or other problems to occur.
  • You should store Embeda in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Make sure you keep it out of reach of children and other people. Embeda should only be accessible for the patient or caretaker of the patient.
  • Embeda can cause dizziness, drowsiness, and blurred vision. This is why it is advised not to carry out any activity that requires focus, attention or good vision. Don’t drive or operate any heavy machinery. Interaction with alcohol and marijuana can make one feel even more drowsy. This is why patients should avoid taking Embeda with alcohol or marijuana.

Does Embeda Cause Addiction and Abuse?

Embeda contains morphine, which makes it an effective pain reliever. This also makes it prone to causing Embeda addiction and abuse. While this medicine can be useful, it may cause addiction in patients, especially for people who have been taking Embeda for a long time or in high doses. This is why it’s always recommended to follow all the instructions that your doctor provides you. Make sure you only consume Embeda for as long as the course lasts. Continuing the medication beyond its course increases the chances of Embeda addiction.

Embeda abuse is also a risk because Embeda contains morphine. Morphine causes intoxication, which is why many young people are buying Embeda illegally just to use it to get high. Moreover, the ease of availability and lack of awareness about the seriousness of opioid addiction are two main reasons why there’s Embeda abuse. People who abuse Embeda generally crush it and snort it. This increases the risk of overdose which could cost you your life.

What Are The Street Names For Embeda?

Embeda contains morphine- a very popular opioid analgesic that is known to be abused by addicts. Because morphine is sold on the black market illegally, it has various slang terms. These street names or slang names make it a lot easier for people to ask for the drug without garnering attention. With that being said, here’s a list of street names of morphine that are also used for buying Embeda:

  • Miss Emma
  • M
  • White Lady
  • Salt and Sugar
  • Dreamer
  • God’s Drug
  • Morpho

If you know these names, you can possibly detect any illicit transaction that a close friend makes and help that person with Embeda abuse immediately before it’s too late.

What is Embeda Withdrawal?

Embeda withdrawal is yet another serious problem that both legitimate patients and people using the drug for recreational purposes might experience when discontinuing use or reducing dose. Upon taking Embeda regularly and/or for a long period of time, our body gets used to the drug and builds a tolerance towards it. When a person abruptly stops using Embeda, the body produces certain undesirable responses which can be hard to deal with.

This makes it important to take Embeda in the doses as prescribed by the physician. When patients continue to take Embeda even after they’re done with the course or when people take it for getting high, they may develop Embeda addiction over time. As they gradually become addicted by taking it regularly, they also develop a tolerance for it. Thus, to have the desired effect after a tolerance has been built up, the person would require more and more of the drug which is how addiction sets in. This may also increase the chances of Embeda overdose

At some point, when a person decides to break the cycle of Embeda addiction and live a clean life, the body experiences initial Embeda withdrawal symptoms. While the initial or early withdrawal symptoms may not seem that severe, later, the withdrawal symptoms become a real problem. This is often when the person decides to take Embeda again, just to escape the undesirable Embeda withdrawal symptoms.

This is why your doctor would always suggest reducing the doses instead of suddenly stopping the course when it gets over. This helps our body adapt to the decreasing doses of Embeda and has the least chances of withdrawal symptoms when a person finally stops the course gradually.

How to Treat Embeda Addiction?

Embeda addiction causes a number of serious issues, like tolerance and withdrawal side-effects. This makes it very important to address the problem of addiction or Embeda abuse and get help as soon as the symptoms start to show. Since treating opioid addiction is not a simple endeavor, to do things right, professional intervention is recommended. Opioid addiction causes both physical and mental side effects and requires a well-planned treatment strategy.

When you seek professional services for opioid addiction and Embeda abuse, there are two lines of treatment. While a therapist may impart useful therapy to bring about behavioral and cognitive changes, a psychiatrist can prescribe medicines that can reduce Embeda withdrawal side-effects. Thus, if you or a loved one of yours suffers from Embeda addiction, you should consider a combination of mental health services. The sooner, the better.

Can Embeda Rehab Help?

Since opioid addiction requires diligent care and assessment, Embeda rehab is the best way to treat a person suffering from an addiction problem. Rehab facilities, especially residential rehab, help patients by providing them the right living conditions for a period of time long enough to encourage a more permanent kind of change in them.

In Rehab, health professionals are able to monitor the patients all the time, and they also make sure that there are no chances for the patient to relapse. The doctors do all this while ensuring the patient is also educated on life skills that would help them when they go outside of the Embeda rehab center and get back to their normal routine.

However, everything highly depends on the rehab center that you select. While looking for an Embeda rehab center, make sure the facility specializes in treating opioid addiction and abuse. It should also have an incredible track record and a high success rate to give you some assurance that you will get the help you need.

What Are The Embeda Rehab Expenses Like?

When it comes to the costs involved in Embeda addiction treatment, it’s based on the kind of rehab center you choose and the services they offer. There are basic rehab centers that only have the standard amenities needed for a patient to live in the center as well as receive treatment. There also are certain rehab centers that provide a luxurious stay for their patients, with amenities like that of a five-star hotel. What you choose highly depends on your budget.

You can also talk to your insurance company and find out if Embeda rehab expenses can be covered. If so, it would become a lot easier for you to manage your expenses for the treatment. Today, since so many companies consider mental health issues as treatable conditions, taking care of the financial aspect of the treatment has become less stressful and more practical.

Bottom Line

When you’re taking an opioid medicine, like Embeda, make sure you take all the precautions and follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid any problems, like addiction, tolerance, withdrawal effects. It’s equally important for your doctor to take the initiative and explain what the possible negative effects involved are and how they can be avoided.

If you have developed an addiction or a someone close to you suffers from opioid addiction, it’s never too late. You can search for the best Embeda rehab and get this condition treated. Life after addiction treatment can still feel challenging. However, with a little bit of willpower, the right approach to treating the problem, and some support, people can live a drug-free life.

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