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By Marc Mcmahon 09/22/16

In my recovery, I found a group of people who would change my life forever in a place I least expected. 

Love and Support Online
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I have been given one of the best gifts that God could have seen fit to give a person. Especially a shy, scared, and insecure person who has struggled with the disease of addiction for all of his adult life! A gift that has not only supported me with an enormous amount of care and concern for my well-being but one that has seen fit to patiently bear with me. Until my wings matured and I was strong enough to fly on my own!

A nest had already been prepared for my brokenness long before I had ever arrived. Almost as if they knew in advance that one day Marc would come crawling in almost dead, with nowhere else to go. That a guy who at one time was so strong and self-sufficient, would come to them completely crushed, shattered, and barely recognizable.

A trauma unit had been set up in advance, to welcome my rejected and unwanted spirit, long before I ever had any idea it was even broken. That nest, that proverbial trauma unit for the soul that I found, was located right here!

A level 1 trauma unit, the crème de la crème of last line defense, save your ass hospitals. An army field hospital equipped with the finest doctors and surgeons to save the lives of brokenhearted and spiritually bankrupt addicts who were lucky enough to make it off the front lines of their personal war with addiction, and stagger, limp, or be carried up to the doorstep. 

Not only did they help me to recover from the wounds that could be visibly seen on the outside, they also were the ones who showed me how to heal from the inside out!! This was done by allowing me to share a lifetime of pent-up anger and frustration, pain and downright hatred for self, early on with words.

Then, as I was able to purge my soul of all that negativity towards myself and remain clean and sober, I was able to start to express my feelings towards my addiction with words as well. Again, came more anger and frustration, pain and downright hatred, but this time it was focused on my disease, no longer at me.

After a few of these therapeutic written moments, I was able to begin to see myself, finally. To see the possibilities that I may have simply for just being who God created me to be. To find a purpose in using all the pain that my addiction had caused me. To use those experiences to help others who are still suffering see that there is the possibility that you can travel to the armpit of hell, and make it back alive!

Not only alive but free and stronger than you have ever been because of it! Because it built in you a strength of character that money cannot buy. A strength of character that many will see and be in awe of. To show the still-suffering addict that not only is there hope available, but that they have greatness inside of them yearning to get out. That it has always been there and all they have to do is have someone show them where the key has been hiding, so they can unlock it!

That is what happened for me here!! I was given the directions to the location of that key of greatness. The greatness that God instilled in every one of us. This was done through an outpouring of love and support! For a genuine concern for my well-being and future growth! All given to me on a level that I had never experienced before and didn't know was even available.

The most amazing thing about this, though, it was given to me by complete strangers! By people I had never talked to before, met with before, or even heard of before. A gift from complete and total strangers!

Strangers who I now call friends! Strangers who I now have a love for as deep as I do for some of my blood relatives. Today, they are my family, my support, my go-to when I am weak and my confidants when I am strong. My teachers, my mentors, my closest, beloved friends.

Yet we have never, ever even talked on the phone or met in person. This group of people cared about me until I could care about myself. Who saw the ability in me I couldn't see and facilitated its growth, with open arms and hearts of love! The most amazing group of people I have ever encountered in my entire life, yet I have still never seen one of their faces in person! These people are my rock, and I am forever in their debt.

I have been patiently given the time to grow and find myself and my purpose in life through them. I have developed a heart that sincerely cares about others, full of love and kindness, patience and tolerance, because of them.

These wonderful people are available to all, in this nonformal, nonjudgmental online recovery community that God has so graciously blessed me with. The coolest thing about them is that they really do care, and they really want to help. No strings attached, no bills to pay, no insurance required.

All you need is an inkling that maybe there might be a better way out there. So you get online and look around. You very well could find what you are looking for, and then some. Someone to hold your hand when you’re feeling alone. Someone to tell you your appreciated, when you no longer think so. Someone to say, I love you for who you are, when you can't yet love yourself. Won't you please join us and share in this beautiful experience that we can now call life!!

Marc Mcmahon is a published author, motivational speaker on addiction, and Soldier in a war to cripple the disease of drug addiction. Recruiting as many new soldiers as possible to launch an all-out assault against substance abuse. Join him in his fight. Together we can be an unstoppable force that makes this disease cringe every time he hears our boots marching towards him for battle!

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Marc Mcmahon is a published author, motivational speaker, and soldier in the fight against drug addiction. You can find Marc on Linkedin and Twitter.