It's Never Too Late

By Boozemusings Co... 11/06/18
I worked for 45 years to save for a comfy retirement. Work, work, work... it's pretty much all I did for 5/7ths of my week apart from travel for 4 hours a day to and from my home to my clients. I was mostly satisfied with the life I'd chosen. My father instilled in me the need to provide for oneself. I couldn't understand the philosophy of self care. Of nurturing, of taking time out. Unless it was time shared with a bottle or two. And salami, olives, cheese and bread. Followed by chocolate and red frogs. 

I must have spent $10-15,000 a year on booze and snacks. And I did it for 40 years. My darling buddy did it for 50 years and is still doing it. 

Why work so hard when we can simply decide to stop drinking and save a HUGE amount? What is the fascination with booze that sees us waste our money, our lives and our dreams? If it's truly an addiction with major brain chemistry alterations etc., then why aren't our governments legislating to limit the damage? A giant coverup and a national problem is what's happening in Australia. The hotel, licenced club and liquor industries donate millions to political parties. Just to maintain our use of what they are flogging. 

Think about why you'd want to be a sheep and follow the herd.
Become a richer human being, both in money and good health.
Find a way.
I found a way. So can you.
Rethink the drink and do it soon.
Time's a wasting!



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It’s never too late.


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