Lakeview Health Wellness Center’s Culture of #Swolebriety

By The Fix staff 10/02/17

Clients learn about wellness concepts, nutrition, supplement use and how to develop their own exercise program for ongoing physical health in recovery.

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With a state-of-the-art gym and a well qualified staff, Lakeview Health Wellness Center can help you get sober and swole. Image via Lakeview Health Wellness Center

Get sober, get fit, get “swole” (as in swollen) in a good way. The hashtag #swolebriety was created by the staff of the Lakeview Health Wellness Center in Jacksonville, Florida, to represent a healthy lifestyle of physical fitness in sobriety. The Wellness Center offers clients a unique opportunity to restore their physical health while they undergo treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Founded in 2001, Lakeview Health follows a holistic approach to recovery through its medical detox, inpatient, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and aftercare services. Lakeview also offers support for families struggling with drug and alcohol issues and a robust alumni support network.

Not Your Average Gym

Some rehabs say they offer a fitness program, but all they do is give the residents a ride to the gym twice a week. The Lakeview Health Wellness Center takes health and wellness during residential rehab to a whole new level. The new wellness center opened in May 2015 as part of a $26 million multi-phase expansion. The 10,000 square foot space rivals any private fitness club. It features full weight sets, cardio machines, an indoor track, a 25-meter lap pool, a yoga room, ballet barre and lounge area where clients can enjoy protein shakes after working out.

The only thing missing—mirrors and scales. Success is measured by how the clients feel, not how they look. Not only does fitness fill the void left when getting sober, it can smooth the transition into a healthy lifestyle by helping clients have more self-confidence, better sleep and more energy.

Personal Touch

When the new wellness center opened, Lauren Stobbie, moved into the position of Health and Fitness Program Supervisor. Stobbie, who has been at Lakeview since 2013, completed her Master’s in Exercise Science in 2012. She also has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiology and Kinesiology. She is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and by the U.S. Weightlifting Organization.

As a Florida native, Stobbie wanted to return to her home state after grad school. Around the same time, her brother was struggling with substance abuse and she decided to move home to support him in his recovery. A huge believer in the healing power of exercise with the certifications to prove it, Stobbie encouraged her brother to work out with her during his early recovery. With her family connection as her inspiration, leading the team that helps recovering alcoholics and addicts heal through wellness is a perfect match for Stobbie’s passions and talents.

Something for Every-body

The staff at the wellness center includes five full-time certified health and fitness trainers and a brand new contracted physical therapy staff that is on-site five days a week. As those in recovery often struggle with chronic pain, old injuries or other health conditions, the physical therapists offer an extra level of personalized care to help restore optimal health for clients. The full-time trainers are available seven days a week and have various areas of expertise—like weight lifting, cycling and boot camp.

Stobbie and her team do their best to match a trainer with a client who has similar fitness goals. All Lakeview clients also participate in the eight-week health and wellness lecture series, designed to meet them where they are on the spectrum of wellness. They learn about wellness concepts, nutrition, supplement use and how to develop their own exercise program for ongoing physical health in recovery.

The state-of-the-art Lakeview campus features gender-specific buildings and separate recovery programs designed especially for men and women. Likewise, the fitness programs are completely gender separated. To facilitate an atmosphere of comfort that is free of distractions, men and women never share the same space in the gym. The Wellness Center schedule is carefully crafted so men and women get equal amounts of personal training, lifting, group classes and pool time—just never at the same time.

Maintaining #Swolebriety 

While the treatment experience at Lakeview is structured and medically supervised, there is a strong focus on having fun and building healthy habits that heal the whole person. As the end of treatment nears, clients are encouraged to work with their trainers to develop an ongoing fitness plan that complements their aftercare. More importantly, they are given practical tools for self-care and life skills that will sustain them long after rehab. With the help of Lakeview Health Wellness Center, clients can look beyond their drug and alcohol use and envision a future of joy and #swolebriety.

Those interested in finding out more about Lakeview Health can visit the website, call (866) 682-2349 or find out more about the Lakeview Health Wellness Center on Facebook.

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