La Hacienda

By The Fix staff 08/26/17

La Hacienda offers a whole-person program focusing on mental as well as physical betterment. 

La Hacienda
Location : 145 La Hacienda Way Hunt, TX 78024
Phone : (800) 749-6160
Price : $29,150 (28 days, adults) $32,025 (35 days, collegiate)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

La Hacienda is a residential rehab facility located in Hunt, Texas, about 80 miles northwest of San Antonio and 120 miles west of Austin. It has been treating drug and alcohol addiction, including dual diagnoses, for 40 years. It also features a special program for 18- to 24-year-olds as well as a program for recovering professionals.

Facility and Meals

The facility is set on a rural 40-acre campus full of wildlife, rivers and walking trails. La Hacienda can hold a total of 135 residents at a time.

Buildings are designed in a modern villa style with large white stone and stucco on the outside. Paths between buildings overflow with beautiful flowers, bushes and trees. The large outdoor area offers ample space for reading, relaxing or outdoor meetings with a therapist. There is a community center with a pool table, ping pong table, board games, books and movies. The campus also has an on-site gym and weight room overseen by personal trainers as well as a climbing wall and outdoor pool. Serenity Hill is the facility’s chapel, offering a space for meditation, prayer, journaling and healing.

Bedrooms are shared between two clients and feature two desks, a bathroom and two full-size beds. La Hacienda used to be a resort, so bedrooms are hotel-style and well-appointed. Private accommodations are not available.

Lecture halls are spacious, with tables facing a podium and whiteboard. Physician meeting rooms are designed in a comfortable but intimate manner to facilitate discussion during daily meetings. Therapy rooms have a similar design.

The dining room is large and restaurant-like, with chandeliers and tablecloths draped over four-seater tables. Nutritionists oversee home-style meals like sandwiches, pizza, baked chicken and fish, which are served alongside fresh fruit and a salad bar. Dessert is also available, with selections like ice cream, non-fat yogurt, homemade cakes, pies and cookies. Special diets are accommodated and clients with eating disorders get additional supervision and aid. Vending machines with soda are available.

Treatment Protocol and Team

There are 55 people on staff, making the staff-to-client ratio roughly two-to-one. The staff includes physicians, four internists, a full-time psychiatrist, therapists, interns and around-the-clock RNs. Many staff members are also in recovery.

Treatment begins with an assessment of health history and physical well-being, biopsychosocial aspects, family dynamics, diet, fitness and psychological testing if necessary.

La Hacienda offers a 24/7 doctor-and nurse-supervised detox program in a separate building called the Special Care Unit. The length of detox varies on a case-by-case basis.

One of La Hacienda’s four full-time physicians see patients daily, including on weekends and holidays. The physicians specialize in addiction medicine, so clients essentially receive daily individual attention as well as meetings with counselors throughout their stay. Psychiatrist appointments are scheduled as needed.

Individualized treatment is evidence-based; clients detox and learn the majority of the program within three to five weeks. Adult stays usually last a total of 28 to 60 days. Treatment is focused around the 12 steps but also includes individual counseling, daily group therapy, family therapy, skills classes, activities therapy, daily educational lectures, didactic groups and specialized psychiatric group sessions. Christian-based groups are available.

Activities Therapy (AT) focuses on identifying problem areas and strengths in utilizing leisure time, managing social involvement, stress management, physical fitness, communication and self-image.

The collegiate program for 18- to 24-year-olds has similar programming, but groups are composed of clients within that age range and meet in a separate building. This program is designed to be 35 days long.

Cell phones and computers are not allowed.

Family programming includes a family week; a family recovery plan; education about addiction, boundaries and codependency; discussions of client and family needs and information about the 12 steps.

Aftercare is based on a detailed discharge plan dealing with relapse prevention and ways to address physical and mental aspects of recovery. This may involve being referred to La Hacienda’s IOP in either Austin or College Station, Texas. Discharging clients are also prepared to attend medical appointments with local physicians, continue counseling and go to 12-step meetings. La Hacienda’s Alumni Department gives clients regular follow ups for one year, with occasional check-ins afterwards.

Bonus Amenities

Clients have access to a ropes course, walking trails, kayaks, two personal trainers and a massage therapist.


La Hacienda offers a whole-person program focusing on mental as well as physical betterment. Daily meetings with an addiction-specializing physician are a unique feature of this rehab, and means that clients receive intensive individualized attention throughout their stay. Additionally, the large, beautiful campus offers a relaxing and wide space in which to recover peacefully and safely.

La Hacienda

145 La Hacienda Way

Hunt, TX 78024

(800) 749-6160

La Hacienda Cost: $29,150 (28 days, adults); $32,025 (35 days, collegiate); accepts insurance. Find La Hacienda on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+

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