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By The Fix staff 08/04/17

Based in the bucolic town of Kusnacht, Switzerland near Lake Zurich, Kusnacht Practice is an individual-focused treatment facility that opened in 2007. 

Kusnacht Practice
Location : Zollikerstrasse 60 8702 Zurich-Zollikon Switzerland
Phone : +41 43 505 14 43
Price : 93 000 CHF (7 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Based in the bucolic town of Kusnacht, Switzerland, near Lake Zurich, The Kusnacht Practice is an individual-focused treatment facility that opened in 2007. It is an answer to the demand for alternative, lasting forms of treatment. The Kusnacht Practice's methods and residential program are focused on full, permanent abstinence — not only from substances themselves, but also from the negative behaviours that led to the abuse. The treatment therefore focuses on rehabilitating the residents from the perspective of both the substance abuse/process addiction and any co-occurring psychiatric or psychological disorders, including eating disorders.

Facility and Meals

The facility treats one individual at a time and no more than 30 clients a year, making it a uniquely attentive space. Private villa-style residences offer a luxurious, home-like space for recovery and include modern designer furnishings and stunning views of the nearby Alps. Clients are also able to stay at the Kusnacht Practice’s hotel partner, the castle-like Dolder Grand.

The facility offers extensive hospitality services to clients, including a concierge service that manages chauffeured transport and other requests and a personal butler/gourmet chef.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Treatment, which generally lasts between four and 12 weeks, begins with a full medical assessment including laboratory, psychiatric and other medical tests. Testing is extensive and includes Bio-R (Biological Reference Repository) analysis, which looks deep into genome sequencing and compares results across a number of databases, tools and online resources, to allow for very specified medical recommendations. Also included is a full-spectrum blood test, electrocardiograms, renal, coronary and circulatory examinations as well as endocrine and GI tests. Detox is also available.

Following testing, the program embarks on an eight-hour-a-day treatment regimen that is far-reaching and includes a holistic approach that targets every element of the client’s wellbeing. Addiction counseling and psychotherapy, including a program of trauma therapy through EMDR and somatic experiencing, CBT, NFB, family therapy, mindfulness work and 12-step approaches are a crucial part of treatment, but far from the only approaches taken by the organization. Alternative techniques like r-TMS, a psychiatric treatment, which has been gaining popularity across the world, are also employed in order to keep approaches as widespread as possible. All therapies are, because of the facility’s treatment of a single person at a time, individual-focused.

There is also a priority placed on lifestyle and nutrition coaching, the latter of which is complemented by bio-molecular restoration, which addresses the importance of a balanced and healthy diet for lasting treatment, focusing on micronutrients and amino acids.

The staff is composed of a 15-person team and includes a traditional medicine practitioner as well as a medical doctor, psychiatrists and psychotherapists. A personal on-site counselor offers 24-hour support to residents, and family visitors are allowed. Family therapy is also an important component of treatment at the Kusnacht Practice.

In order to ensure continued recovery from both substance abuse and maladaptive coping mechanisms, the Kusnacht Practice offers a “Continuing Care Program” that includes mentorship, daily or weekly telephone or Skype calls and, upon return visits, in-person meetings with specialists. The program is particularly extensive in that mentorship involves the resident’s main counselor living with the client after treatment for a period lasting anywhere between a several days to a few months in order to extend the program developed at the facility into the client’s daily lifestyle.

Bonus Amenities

The Kusnacht Practice offers yoga, reflexology, acupuncture, massage and fitness training. There is also a meditative program involving the Satori Chair, a means of treating clients at the brainwave level. Spa facilities are available at the Kusnacht Practice’s hotel partner, the Dolder Grand.

Excursions to Switzerland landmarks and other activities can be arranged at the resident’s request. The Kusnacht Practice also stresses that it is possible to be entirely incognito at the facility, making it ideal for high-profile clients or simply those who want to be discrete.

Intervention services are offered under the guide of an independent consultant.


By looking at the whole individual—as well as the client’s family, which can include extended family like aunts and uncles, grandparents, and even co-workers or media influences—the Kusnacht Practice offers a high-class treatment program to complement its luxury facilities. Treatment options are certainly more extensive than the traditional rehab spread, offering up-to-date approaches that completely target all parts of the body and mind. And, of course, the level of individual care is unprecedented.

Kusnacht Practice

Zollikerstrasse 60
8702 Zurich-Zollikon

+41 43 505 14 43

[email protected]

Kusnacht Practice Cost: 93 000 CHF (7 days)

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