Kim Richards' Sister Begs "Real Housewives" Star To Enter Treatment

By David Konow 08/20/19

A source close to the family alleges that Kyle Richards is urging her sister Kim to go back to rehab after a number of public setbacks.

Real Housewives star Kim Richards
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While they were both child stars back in the Seventies, sisters Kyle and Kim Richards are best known today as reality TV stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the last decade, Kim has been through a number of incidents involving substance abuse and mental health issues, and now her sister Kyle is reportedly urging her to seek treatment again.

Kim's Family Is Concerned

A source close to the sisters told Us Weekly, “Kyle became aware that Kim was struggling in recent weeks and got extremely concerned based on what she was hearing.” While Kyle “isn’t a doctor,” she feels her sister is not “doing well… which is why she is trying to get Kim into treatment.”

Then another report surfaced that claimed Kim’s children want her to check into rehab as well, because as a source close to the family put it, they’d been “watching [Kim] in a downward spiral for weeks,” which included a trip to the ER at UCLA. “Kim abruptly left against medical advice. No one could find Kim for hours… [her] kids are concerned.”

The sisters are reportedly on good terms, and as the source continued, “It’s going to be an ongoing conversation… the good news is that Kim is being extremely receptive to Kyle, recognizing she is coming from a place of love. Kyle isn’t giving up and is trying again to get Kim to agree. It’s more for mental health than sobriety issues.”

Meltdowns, Community Service, and Accountability

In the past decade, once becoming a reality TV fixture, Kim struggled with her sobriety and mental health in the public eye. After one rehab stint, Kim had a relapse in 2015, and was arrested for public intoxication after an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was then accused of stealing close to $600 worth of merchandise from a Target store.

Kim was subsequently put on probation, and had to complete 450 hours of community service and attend mandatory AA meetings before her probation was lifted in September 2018.

Despite the fact that Kim has had several meltdowns in the public eye, including an attempt at an intervention with Dr. Phil, Kyle told Jenny McCarthy, “If anything, being on [Real Housewives] made her accountable and [Kim] says that as well. She says that it saved her life because, you know, there’s nowhere to hide and everyone knows—now anywhere she goes, people know who she is. She can’t get away with anything! So it actually helped her!”

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