Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Visit LA Pot Dispensary on 'Conan'

By Paul Gaita 01/08/16

The group embarks on a quest for weed.

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A segment from Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show has gone viral, due in no small part to the host’s antics at a Los Angeles-area medical marijuana dispensary.

The clip, which aired on the Jan. 5 broadcast of Conan, opens with the host attempting to aid his staffer, Diana Chang, in completing a driving exam in order to obtain her license. After passing along some highly dubious advice—“Lower your window so the next time you pass someone, they can hear you when you say, 'You're my bitch!'"—O’Brien ups the ante by inviting actor and rapper Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart, the stars of the upcoming Ride Along 2, to join them.

The lesson quickly devolves into more vehicular hijinks and merciless teasing from O’Brien before Hart asks a passing driver where he can buy pot. This sends them to downtown Los Angeles, where the quartet purchases a staggering amount of medical-grade cannabis, "2 kilos" of sour patch candy edibles, and a flag bearing a large medical cannabis leaf.

With the flag proudly draped across the vehicle’s hood, Chang and Cube light up while cruising the downtown area. O’Brien’s attempt to break the law, by blocking the crosswalk, attracts the attention of a Bicycle Coordination Unit officer, who can barely contain his amusement at Hart’s woozy attempt to talk his way out of the infraction.

The segment wraps at a Popeye’s, where the group fills up on fried chicken. A mock-up of Chang’s driver’s license closes the bit.

Watch the video below:

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