Jenna Jameson Credits Sobriety With Weight Loss

By Kelly Burch 04/01/19

"Sobriety is a game changer, not only are you bright, clear and capable... your gut says bye bye!" Jameson said in an Instagram post. 

Jenna Jameson before and after sobriety
Photo via Instagram

Adult film star Jenna Jameson shared a "Transformation Tuesday" picture on Instagram this week, showing how sobriety and a renewed focus on health have transformed her body. 

"It’s important we talk about the aftermath of new sobriety," she wrote on an Instagram post. "Raw feelings, fear, unsure how to deal with all the changes. The good far outweighs anything, that’s for sure. But this shows the effects of alcohol on your body. Sobriety is a game changer, not only are you bright, clear and capable... your gut says bye bye! #Sobriety and #keto for the win!”

Last fall, Jameson posted a similar side-by-side photo to celebrate three years sober. She has also been open about her 80-pound weight loss. 

“Today is an important day for me in my recovery. 3 years. I can’t begin to explain what sobriety has brought to my life. But I will try,” Jameson wrote in September. “Yes, I’m not the intensely self centered ‘the world owes me something’ woman anymore. I am now the ‘What can I do for the world’ woman. Sobriety has taught me a lot about myself, my coping mechanisms that I ignored came bubbling to the surface quickly after getting sober."

She continued, “That scared me. Everything I knew was wrong. Everything I believed in was hurting me, not helping. Meetings and leaning on my Sober friends… made things bearable the first year. I was surviving. Sober. It was shocking at first, but now it’s my new normal.”

She said that sobriety and a keto diet have helped her transform her body after giving birth to her daughter in 2017. 

“My weight loss has solidified my toughness and strength,” she wrote last year. “I know I am capable of beautiful things and these are the qualities I want to teach my daughter. No matter what life throws at you, you can overcome and flourish. 3 years. 3 whole years. I am grateful. Just for today.”

Jameson hasn’t been very open about her addiction, but there are reports that she abused alcohol and pills. Her Instagram posts include the hashtags #AA and #NA, suggesting that she’s part of a 12-step fellowship. 

Throughout her weight loss and recovery journeys, Jameson has learned to use healthier coping mechanisms rather than relying on substances. 

“I think back to the way I used to run... run as far and as fast as I could, and I pray to God I never feel that emptiness again," she wrote. 

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