Interdependence As Our Goal

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Interdependence As Our Goal

By Jef Mullins 06/29/16

[Sponsored] We work better when we function perfectly well on our own, but function even better when we have people in our lives that add to our happiness.

Interdependence As Our Goal

I imagine you would want to scream if you read another blog about codependence! So much is said about it and it is a serious label that is often too liberally applied to the point where it begins to lose its power as a means for people to address a serious issue. However, just to make one small point: the key problem with co-dependence is that each person becomes dependent on the other. One person needs somebody to help and enable all the time while the enabler needs somebody to be dependent upon them. 

Now, the opposite of dependence or codependency is not independence. It is actually something called interdependence.

Independence means being free from dependence but it also means that we don’t need anybody else in our lives. This has become a very fashionable idea where everybody is striving to become completely independent. If this was the final goal for everybody, we would all end up living alone in caves somewhere. Life would be lonely and the world would be a poorer place.

We work better when we function perfectly well on our own, but function even better when we have people in our lives that add to our happiness.

Human beings are social. We rely upon other people to enrich our lives and the experience of living it. At times – such as during a crisis - we can allow ourselves to be dependent on others. At other times, we wish to be alone and make our own decisions and be confident in our ability to function, much of the time, autonomously. We don’t need to live at one extreme or the other for fear of falling to the other extreme of the spectrum.  We don’t need people all the time, but our lives are better around other people. We help them, we help ourselves, they help us. This is interdependence. Covet it. 

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Jef Mulins owns the healthcare treatment management company, Bad Granite Management and is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Choicepoint, New Jersey and Co-founder and Chief Development Officer for Fort Wayne Recovery, Indiana. He was formerly the CEO of Waters Edge Recovery in Stuart Florida. You can find Jef on Linkedin.

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