Infinite Recovery: A New Approach with 8 Dimensions of Wellness

By The Fix staff 05/09/19

Infinite Recovery is a program that provides a holistic approach to recovery, which is unique and largely missing from many rehabs.

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Nobody’s recovery journey is identical so when it comes to seeking help for substance use disorders, treatment plans should be specific to the individual. Through the implementation of a 12-step program and a focus on what it refers to as the “8 Dimensions of Wellness,” Infinite Recovery in Austin, Texas provides a unique and practical approach to holistic treatment. Should an individual or friend/family member of an individual be interested in treatment options in the area, Infinite Recovery is a top-notch Austin drug rehab.

Infinite Recovery designates the “8 Dimensions” as Emotional, Environmental, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Occupational and Intellectual. We spoke with Robin Lindeman, the Clinical Director overseeing inpatient and detox facilities. Lindeman has been working in various capacities in the recovery field since 2012. When asked about the application of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness in Infinite Recovery’s program, she said, “We utilize these specifically within each level of care, and certain dimensions are focused on more during certain levels of care. For example, inpatient, we are looking at the emotional piece, and the spiritual aspect. We are a 12-step immersion program, and we really want to focus on them finding a spiritual connection, but it doesn’t have to be god or religion.”

For an individual who is willing and ready to seek help, the first step would be detox and/or inpatient treatment. “Detox and residential are housed in a facility 24-7, and everyone is at the same juncture. Detox usually lasts five to seven days, and the residential is approximately between 23 and 25 days,” Lindeman confirmed. After completing the residential portion of treatment, a patient will step down to a lower level of care.

The next phase of treatment is PHP, which goes from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday. PHP includes sober living. This means clients will live together while attending PHP. Clients have the option of staying in sober living beyond PHP.

Because Infinite Recovery aims to provide treatment tailored to the needs of the client, individuals may enroll at any level of care needed. Lindeman reiterates, “Everyone comes into treatment at different times, at different junctures in their lives. Not everybody wants residential treatment.” For example, someone may just need a five to seven day detox, or not need detox/residential at all and just opt for outpatient or sober living.

This is a program that provides a holistic approach to recovery, which is unique and largely missing from many rehabs. Its flexible programming length is also a major asset. While 30 days in treatment may work well for some people, there are many who will find themselves back in the same position they were before they checked in, and without any tools to cope with life. This frequently sets a person up to relapse and ultimately wind up in treatment again. The issue can be particularly true for young people. Imagine beginning to use at 13 and not stopping until you are 23 or 24. You may not have developed tools for living and functioning in the world other than doing whatever it takes to continue using your drug of choice. A holistic approach to treatment works to address this issue by slowly phasing a person back into the real world while placing a cushion of support to address any issues that will inevitably arise as a person finds their way in the world newly sober. Issues such as employment, education, social life, family life, sense of self and spirituality are all addressed.

Infinite Recovery’s approach also stresses community and fellowship. Many in active addiction, and even those who are former addicts, may deny that this is something they need or want. However, a sense of fellowship and community is crucial for someone who struggles with addiction issues. A group of people who are receiving treatment and living together--from the beginning of detox to the final phases of treatment and becoming alumni--develop strong bonds. This sense of community is fostered through the treatment processes utilized by Infinite Recovery and augmented by weekly events such as the alumni block party. Here former residents can interact with those new to treatment and discover a sense of family and unity.

Austin has a vibrant thriving community of young people in recovery. According to Lindeman, “The recovery community in Austin is so strong. There are thousands of young people getting clean and sober in this city.”

If the window of willingness has opened enough to be willing to check into treatment and you are looking for a drug rehab in Austin, check out Infinite Recovery. The sober life is totally worth living.

For more detailed information on the philosophy behind the 8 Dimensions of Wellness you can visit Infinite Recovery’s website. Reach Infinite Recovery by phone at (844) 206-9063.

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