Gordon Ramsay Discusses His Brother’s Addiction In 'On Cocaine'

By Bryan Le 10/23/17

The celebrity chef turns the heat up against drugs in a new documentary, recalling how cocaine addiction impacted his brother.

Gordon Ramsay in a blue suit looking in anticipation.
Chef Ramsay doesn't like the grip that cocaine has on his industry—and his family.

Gordon Ramsay focuses on his brother Ronnie’s cocaine and heroin addiction in his new documentary ...On Cocaine. While Ramsay says anyone working in the restaurant trade is no stranger to cocaine, the celebrity chef has had to deal with the drug on a more personal level than most. In his new documentary, he shares his struggles in watching his brother battle cocaine addiction.

“I’ve never touched a line of cocaine in my life,” Ramsay says in the documentary. “I was anti-drugs from a very early age having to watch my brother fuck his life up.”

Ramsay recalls an incident in which he had to help his brother get high in order to get him to attend their father’s funeral, that drove Ramsay to succeed on the straight and narrow.

“He’d gone from coke to heroin, and so I just worked my ass off to get out of the shit I grew up with,” he reveals. “I went to a dealer’s house once… I had to take my brother to this shithole of a flat for a fix to get him to my father’s funeral. That was a shock for me to see how far he had gone.”

In the documentary, Ramsay watches the cocaine production process and is appalled at the noxious chemicals that go into the purification process, including concrete dust and battery acid.

In a recent interview, Ramsay said he has personally been asked to dust a soufflé with cocaine.

"I got auctioned off for a big charity dinner three years ago. Someone paid [for me] to go round to their house for a good cause... You cook for 12-14 people and literally have to stand there, do all the meet and greets and photographs," he recounted.

"When dessert arrived the couple came to me and said, 'Look, everyone on the table is happy you're here, but can you make a soufflé like never before and combine icing sugar with coke and dust it?'”

He did not entertain their request and instead finished up the soufflés without the drug before walking out without saying goodbye.

Ramsay admits that he has since cut ties with his brother Ronnie.

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