'Generation Found' Looks Behind The Scenes At Recovery Schools

By David Konow 07/14/16

Addiction and recovery doc Generation Found examines the impact of recovery schools in helping addicted adolescents.

'Generation Found' Looks Behind The Scenes At Recovery Schools
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Lately there have been a number of news reports about teenagers going to “recovery schools,” where students can complete their educations and stay sober. According to Discovery House, a rehab in Southern California, there are currently about 36 recovery high schools in the United States. And now, a documentary called Generation Found takes a look behind the scenes at recovery schools, exploring their impact in the fight against teen addiction.  

The director of Generation Found is Greg Williams, a 32-year-old filmmaker who has been in recovery since he was 17. As Williams told the News Times, “The reason this film exists is I pounded the pavement for four years in Hartford trying to get people to wrap their mind around investing in youth recovery services, and no one took ownership of it. This film exists to bring outside pressure on the community to expand our horizon and expand our imagination of what’s possible.”

One of the biggest problems that Generation Found addresses is how adolescents feel ignored in the struggle against addiction. As one student in the Generation Found trailer said, “A lot of times I feel like adolescents get written off.” Another voice in the trailer says, “We started asking questions like where do you feel the lowest self-esteem? School. Where do you have the most access to drugs? School.”

Williams told the Recovery Research Institute, “I believe working together we can at last move the needle on the 90% treatment gap and continue to lower the age of entry to recovery by delivering early interventions and ongoing recovery support services. This belief has led me to begin work on Generation Found … Few places in the country have developed these kinds of models for young people.”

Williams believes recovery schools can make a big difference, and hopes his work as a filmmaker can make a difference as well. (Williams has made another documentary about recovery, The Anonymous People, which was released in 2013.)

Even with Generation Found in limited release, Williams also believes there’s an audience ready for his message at the movie theaters. As he said in a press release, “There is a massive grassroots audience emerging, hungry for content that continues to move the addiction conversation forward. This audience is not interested in the same old tragic imagery often captured surrounding this topic.”

Check out the trailer for Generation Found:

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