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'Game Of Thrones' Branded Heroin Surfaces In Massachusetts

By McCarton Ackerman 08/17/16

The police are cautioning the public about the high potency of the Games of Thrones stamped heroin which caused an overdose last Friday.

'Game Of Thrones' Branded Heroin Surfaces In Massachusetts
Game of Thrones stamped heroin baggie Courtesy: Lebanon, NH police

Game of Thrones is back in the headlines, but it’s not because of a beloved character's untimely demise. A highly potent batch of heroin labeled with the same name as the hit show led to a nearly fatal overdose and a pair of arrests last Friday.

CBS Boston confirmed that an unnamed 32-year-old man overdosed on the heroin, which had "Game of Thrones" stamped on the label, and was revived by nasal Narcan. He is expected to make a full recovery. Police arrested Brock Richardson, who reportedly supplied the drug, and Caleb Dumont-Willey, who allegedly purchased it from Richardson. Richardson is being held on $20,000 cash bail and is facing several drug distribution charges, while Dumont-Willey is being held on $5,000 bail and faces a possession of heroin charge.

This isn’t the first time TV shows have found themselves associated with drugs. Breaking Bad-themed meth, which was cut with chemicals to turn it blue, became a hot commodity in several parts of the country around 2010. The Department of Homeland Security in Albuquerque even commented on the drug. Spokesman Kevin Abar expressed concern that “individuals may find it sexy and want to try it.” Reports of the Breaking Bad meth being confiscated also went public in Oklahoma City and Kansas City, Missouri.

Public figures have also found their way onto heroin baggies. In April, a new Hampshire woman was caught by police selling bags of heroin with “Donald Trump” labeled across them. Darcie Hall was caught selling the drug on two separate occasions within 30 days. Hall was already on probation for a 2014 cocaine possession charge.

That same month, Philadelphia police seized several heroin baggies that had the face of NBA star Stephen Curry on them. The regional transit police chief tweeted a photo of the drugs and captioned it, thinking Steph Curry wouldn’t be happy that he was "this week’s brand for heroin in Philly."

Heroin packets with the NBA logo on them were also confiscated in April by authorities in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Police arrested Michael Cruz, 26, after he was caught dealing the heroin out of his car and 300 feet away from a school. He was previously arrested by police last December after they caught him in possession of $20,000 in cash and 1,600 packets of heroin.

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McCarton Ackerman is a freelance writer and editor living in Portland, Oregon. He has been a contributor for The Fix since October 2011, writing on a wide range of topics ranging from medical marijuana in Colorado to the world's sexiest drug smugglers. Follow him on Linkedin and Twitter.

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